A funny Thing Happened on the Way to My Blog

Yesterday, HNT day, I checked into cyberspace for a moment to see how things were coming along with all the HNTers (nicely done Summer, NICELY DONE!). During this time, I also catch up on the comments I had been receiving (and to finally put the questions to rest: yes, that was a folded up t-shirt I was 'ironing'; no, the iron most certainly was not on... I'm not sure if its ever been on come to think of it {except for that time Miguel and I tried inventing a new drinking game - THAT was a long night at the emergency room!}; and no, I do not know how to iron). Moving on, there was one comment at this time that caught my eye. I'm paraphrasing because I'm too lazy to open up a second browser window at the moment, "Wow Brico, so glad I share a state with you. If you're ever in the neighborhood you are welcome to come iron me out!" Well, always wanting to keep all options open, I click on the link to see who may have offered such a nice... um, offer. So when I arrive at her homepage to check out the fleshiness before me this is what I see.
I think my comment to her post says it all. And you can ignore her reply. She is backpedaling faster than the entire Bush administration combined! Sis, the true intentions of your comment were clear! Thanks for the offer, but call me next trimester k?
Actually, that moment was the biggest laugh I had yesterday (in cyberland or otherwise) so thank you sis b.
But the story continues, sis b shows up later to make comment #100! I felt a prize was in order. Not the kind of prize like you see flashing every other time you click on a website that says CONGRATULATIONS!! YOU HAVE BEEN SELECTED TO RECEIVE FREE* GAS FOR LIFE (when we all know by now that that little asteris means 'not really free' or 'not real gas'). No, a real prize was in order. So I give the only thing I can give. All of me!! Yes, I got a lot of flack about my stance on linking and when to keep it in your pants and when to pull it out. So to show my gratification for you breaking my proverbial 100 comment cherry, and to show everyone out there in Rusty Nut Land that I am not really that much of a hardass or truly that uptight about things... You, sis b, have been linked. Get your toothbrush, you're staying over!
And thanks to everyone else who commented (quite the compliments from Trustworthy Blonde and Web miztris) see you all next week!
Now, no comments anybody for a few hours please. sis b and I, we'll be needing our privacy.


Ten Stages to a Blogging Relationship (and the real world dating equivalents)

Not wanting to beat a dead horse with this topic. This will be the final installment of the trilogy. At first we discussed the Complexities of Linking. Then we reviewed Blogging Ethics. Finally, we're going over the Ten Stages of a Blogging Relationship and their Real World Equivalents.

1- Lurking Staring from across the room
2- Commenting "Can I buy you a drink?"
3- Commenting in the form of a question (in hopes of advancing to two way conversation) "Can I give you a call sometime?"
4- Poking around in the archives "Tell me about your childhood"
5- Checking out their sidebar links "When do I meet your friends?"
6- Making a reference link to them on your latest post "I want my friends to meet you"
7- Tagging them "I'm sorry. It's Friday. I just assumed we'd be doing something together tonight. Isn't it implied by now?"
8- Emailing them directly "I put your number in my speed dial"
9- Instant Messaging "I was in the neighborhood. I hope it's okay if I just pop in like this"
10- Linking them on your sidebar "Do you mind if I leave my toothbrush at your place?"



Ten Unspoken Ethics to Blogging (according to Bricotrout)

My recent post "I don't Think So" got alot bigger response than I was expecting. I apparently touched on something. So here I have expanded that subject just a bit.

1- Don't get pissed if someone posts an opinion that you disagree with. Just don't visit that blog anymore *duh*
2- Reply to relevant questions that commenters ask in a timely fashion (they're showing an interest in you, reciprocate)
3- Don't ask to be linked (we covered this)
4- Don't ever do business with a company that conducts in spam commenting (lest ye be a traitor of the worst kind)
5- Don't change your avatar and username in the same week (some of us smoke weed and that's just too damn confusing!)
6- If you know that you're not going to post for a prolonged period ahead of time, let your fanbase/readers know so we don't get worried
7- When emailing a blog buddy directly, include in the correspondence either your blogsite's name or your username (see reason to #5 above)
8- If you're going to disagree with a philosophy or opinion, do so respectfully and maturely (lest ye piss off Webmiztress)
9- If you're going to borrow someone's post idea directly, ask first (except this post, this one is free to the public)
10- Don't tag Bricotrout!

If I missed anything I'm sure my dear readers will politely let me know



Sentence Saturday #2

Has it been a week already?
Last week we let our creative juices flow (stop snickering jag, rabbit, and all the rest of you cyber teases!) by throwing an unusual word up and letting the next commenter use it in a sentence. It was fun. We laughed (where exactly was your hand, kristi, when it was "up there"?) We got aroused (nice details femi mommy & kalani) And we learned alot about eachother's personal lives (dan & jkirlin... get therapy both of you!)
So lets try it again and let this community of yuksters reveal even more of our subconscious(es?) to eachother.
The only amendment I'll make to the rules is that this time it is REQUIRED that the word be absolutely made up. Last time, using a rare and 'unknown' word revealed just how limited some of our vocabularies really are (kristi, dear, most of us know the word 'whimsicle' okay? thanks sweety) Here's a simple rule to go by, if your spell check doesn't catch it, try again.
As is now tradition, I'll start things off. Have fun...
Oh, I'm posting this early because I'm either at a concert or recovering from one at the moment.

wash your hands and bring a marker!

this is a pic for brother dale. if you know where this is then you are probably a brother (or sister) as well. cheers to all!


I Don't Think So!

How should I say this? I am not a prude, nor am I a fluzy. I don't give up my dignity, my self esteem or mySELF just to please somebody, just to be accepted or to receive a little extra attention. I would rather 'get close' with noone at all than with the wrong sort. But I will get down with you and intermingle and share and exchange on a deep level if that connection is there. If that vibe is real and tangible. If I feel we are good for eachother then you can count on me to fulfill your needs and desires. But a week doesn't go by anymore where I am not approached and 'hit on' by someone who I'm sure is a great person and is nice in their own right. But they make the move for the 'great deed' way too early for me. I am floored by it really. Flabbergasted and awkward I try to ignore the 'come on'. Don't get me wrong! I'm flattered! Who wouldn't be? But the ultimate of ultimates after one encounter? You've already decided that we are so likeminded that we should go for that right off the bat? What happened to getting to know eachother? With taking our time? Why the rush? Let's just slow down a bit shall we? Honestly, I cannot in good conscience link you to my site after a mere 1 or 2 comments! If you're leaving a little "that's funny, I relate!" on my post once or twice, do you really think that THAT'S going to get me to open up my sidebar to you? You've got another thing coming my friend! Link yourself on your OWN sidebar if you're that desperate. I don't know you from a religious right blogsite. I don't know your political views, your musical tastes, your 'dependability'. I mean, are you going to post everyday? Or do you show up once a week whenever you have some 'time to kill'? How do I know just how many other blogs you've been trying to get linked from this week? Can I be sure that that avatar is really you? Perhaps those posts of yours aren't your own at all. Maybe those cute little comments you leave are well rehearsed and recycled. Maybe you have a whole other blog under a different username that I'm not aware of! Who's is visiting and leaving comments over there? Huh? I don't know. But if you truly appreciate my blog for its content then you will wait around patiently and politely leaving a consistent but not overwhelming amount of nice, poignant comments. And you can disagree, that's fine. You won't lose points for that. But do so respectfully and articulately. Oh, and please don't think you're going to gain any ground by linking me on your sidebar too soon and without asking, that's just creepy and wreaks of desperation. Nobody else on that short linklist of mine got there with a few overcomplimentary comments and a nod of recognition on their blog (well, there was that time when I was drunk and she emailed me a cleavage shot... But that was one time! I've matured since then) and YOU won't 'get there' that way either. If you are who your blog shows you to be, then in time I will grow comfortable with your presence and will open up my sidebar to your site. Until then, just play it cool. Thanks. Visit my site again in a week or so, okay?
p.s. If you really want to show me that you're interested, you'll spend some quality alone time in my archives, not just the latest post. Show an interest in my past for crying out loud. And visit my blogging friends that are already linked on my site. Afterall, they get a say in your 'acceptance' too! I value their oppinions and you would do well to treat them accordingly.


Ten Reasons I didn't Pass Police Officer Training School

1- Kept telling the captain "Go ahead punk, make my day"
2- Kevlar underwear was not standard issue
3- Asking "Where do I sign for those hollow tip cop killer bullets I heard about?" raises some red flags with 'the man'
4- Saying politely "I smell bacon" everytime the sergeant walked by wasn't as funny as I thought
5- Shouting "Lets fry us up some illegals!" is apparently frowned upon
6- Repeatedly asked the female trainees "You wanna play T.J. Hooker? I'll be T.J.!"
7- Was overheard saying "Thank god those lame ass drinking & driving laws no longer apply"
8- That whole 'license to kill' thing is apparently just in the movies
9- Couldn't stop answering the radio by saying "This is Roscoe P. Coltrane!"
10- Laughed out loud "Let's see that bitch try and not 'repect my Ah-Thor-Ah-Tay' now!"


Reason for not Posting Today



Reason for not Posting Today

Trout signal has been sent. Duty calls.

A Short Story *chapter one*

There once was a little girl named Autumn. Autumn's mommy and daddy were divorced but lived near eachother. Autumn's mommy remarried a very nice and kind man while her daddy lived on his own and focused on just being as good of a daddy as he could be to his little girl. Autumn lived with her mommy and stepdaddy for half of every week and lived with her daddy the other half. Autumn was very happy with her two households and two families. And everyone got along very well. But after a few years, Autumn's mommy decided to find love outside of her new marriage. And pretty soon Autumn's stepdaddy found out about what his bride had been doing. He was very sad indeed for he loved Autumn's mommy very much and he didn't want to lose her or his new family. So he asked her to stop seeing her new love and to work things out with him. She agreed but she kept on seeing her new love. Autumn's stepdaddy asked her again to stop. But again she was only saying she would and kept on seeing her new love. Autumn's stepdaddy was heartbroken and knew it was time for him and Autumn's mommy to get a divorce. Autumn's stepdaddy called Autumn's daddy to tell him how and why things were going to change. Learning about this made Autumn's daddy very sad too. He was sad because he knew that his little girl was going to cry. She was going to cry a lot and for a long time when she learned that she was going to lose half of everything she had, half of everything that she loved and had grown up with. She was going to cry when she learned that she would lose her big house, her four dogs, her best friend neighbor, her big playroom and her beloved stepdaddy. And Autumn's daddy grew scared because he didn't know how to tell his little girl that her life was going to change or how to tell her why she was going to lose all her things. And Autumn's daddy grew very angry at her mommy for acting very selfishly and for robbing Autumn of one of her households and one of her families. But there was nothing Autumn's daddy could do to make it better. There was nothing he could do to change things.So that night Autumn's daddy gave his little girl a very big hug and a very big kiss goodnight then sat on the couch and cried. He cried because he knew what he had to do the next day. And he didn't want to do it.


Sentence Saturday

I hope my fellow bloggers will forgive me for having the arrogance to try and create a weekly reader participation post. There are so many of these in the blogosphere already that my first inclination is to avoid it like cold lima beans. However, I'm going to go with my second inclination that this might actually be fun and funny. If you all want to participate in the creativity then please do. Hopefully this will catch on... If not, well, I still have oxygen.
Sentence Saturday. The idea is that I will start things off by either making up or thumbing through that big book with all the words in it and come up with a bizarre and intriguing word. The first person to leave a comment will make up a sentence for that word. Then they will finish things off by leaving a word of their own for the next person. Creativity is the key here. And since things are always funnier with a sexual innuendo applied, feel free to let lose! But that's not required of course.
Heres an example:
Commenter 1: Osteoclosis
Commenter 2: As soon as Kalani saw the infected osteoclosis on my tongue, she rinsed with mouthwash for an hour. Strigose
Commenter 3: The prostitute told me that a strigose would run me $250! Tithonus
Etc, Etc
Ever'body think they understand? Are we ready to give this a whirl? Put your creativity caps on... Let's go!


Ten Ways I'm Readying Myself to Run a Marathon

1- Listen to "Run Like an Antelope" by Phish each night before bed
2- Drink my weight in orange Gatorade each morning
3- Hourly applications of Shower to Shower talcum powder to prevent chafing
4- Watch ESPN Classic everyday 'till I'm winded
5- Casually peruse the YMCA application sitting on my dining room table at dinner each night
6- Eat at least a few flakes of Wheaties, the breakfast of champions, with my box of Eggo Minnies each morning
7- Make sure new running shoes are in tip top shape and sitting by the front door
8- Hum the theme song to Chariots of Fire while taking the elevator at work
9- Yell "Run Forest run!!" to whomever and whenever its even remotely applicable
10- Applied a giant Nike swoosh decal on the rear window of my Jeep



Cowabonga Dude!!

This Morning:
"Hey Miguel, mind if I have a banana?"
"Yeah, go for it!"

Go for it? Now call me old fashioned, call me a stickler, call me overanalytical, but shouldn't the term "Go for it!" be reserved for somewhat more intense scenarios than pulling back the soft peel of a fruit? I mean, I have no problem with it being used when someone is preparing to do a base jump off of El Capitan, or a surgeon contemplating bypassing the main arteree to the hearts 3rd ventrical, or even an NFL coach when its 4th and 3 on the ten. But I gotta draw the line when its used with gusto regarding the consumption of fresh produce. I think I can handle that with a minimal adreniline surge, even after too many rum & cokes the night before. A simple "Sure, help yourself" will suffice.
Don't you think


Welcome to the Rusty Nut Telegraph

First off, I'm giving a serious shout out to Spinning Girl for emailing me very simple directions on how to add a picture to my title. I'm about as good at following directions as I am at giving birth, so the fact that I was able to follow the step by step instructions successfully was a major accomplishment for me.
Secondly, I updated my links to include everyone who regularly comments here. I look forward to all your feedback everyday. If I missed you please tell me. It was an oversite.
Thirdly, For those of you who have linked me. Thanks so much. A very high form of praise in my book. For those of you who linked me under the name satoridesigns, you may want to change that to either bricotrout or the rusty nut, since satori has now become a seperate blog. Thanks & Enjoy
p.s. Anyone besides Pirate or GOAG want to take a stab at the significance of the new name & pic?

Woe is Me!

Well, my plans for my day off are now shot! I had a beautiful day for myself planned out. Kayak season is nearing an end and I was going to go out by myself and spend half the day on the lake with the new Steve Kimock album. I was going to vacuum and blow dry the dust mites out of my pillows. And I had wanted to make my bi-annual toothbrush purchase (albeit an 'annual' too late). But now those plans are all changed. I will be spending the day at the emergency room. I apparently am suffering from a combination of lack of sleep, high stress, and some kind of rare aural canal parasite (not unlike the one that went into Kirk's brain in that Star Trek movie). I am not experiencing any pain yet but there is an unmistakable symptom that has me very concerned.
When I woke up this morning and turned on CNN, on the screen was Dubya talking about Katrina. And this is what I heard:
"...And to the extent that the federal government didn't fully do it's job right, I take full responsibility."
I know, crazy right? I'm wondering if its even a good idea for me to try to drive. I'm not so familiar with this particular aural parasite that must be working its way through my inner ear canal and inching near my cerebral cortex, so I don't know how much time I have left while I'm still in control of my important bodily functions. Maybe a few hours, maybe only minutes.
Oh how I'd love to hear the same old Dubya up there grinning stoopidly at the podium stammering through how 'Brownie' is doing a "heck of a job" and how "No one could have predicted this scenario".
If I could just hear those words or even words more evasive, bizarre and inconsistent from our Alpha Male, then I would know that tomorrow still has a rainbow for me.
Wish me luck dear readers. I'll need your support.
This parasite is apparently highly reproductive. Please take care of yourselves, if you hear anything of this sort over the next few days where the Federal Govt actually sounds like it's taking responsibility for it's failings, get yourself to the nearest emergicare ASAP!


Jenny @ Question of the Week

Jenny has put up a really fun question at her site this week (not to take away from my pillow question - see previous post) and I would love to see all the smart-alecs, wiseacres, and fun timers jump over there for a minute and respond to the great social issue of our time (question #5) and respond to any of the previous ones too while youre at it.

"Those aren't pillows!!" Steve Martin

It recently occured to me that I have been using the same 4 bed pillows for the last 8 years. It's not like they have made great advancements in the world of head cushions recently but is 8 years normal? Is there some kind of unspoken social standard as to how long a pillow should be employed before it has reached its limit and needs to be thrown out?

How long have YOU been using the same pillows?


Get it Together

The question won’t be why am I doing this to you.
The question will be why did you do this to them.
I don’t hate you for what you’ve done. But I am furious that you’ve done it. I forgive you because I know that you are doing the best that you can do. But if this is the best that you can do then you need to go away… until your best is better.
I hope for their sake that you hurry.


I woke up that morning and turned on CNN as was my daily routine. Not but a few minutes later did they cut to a live feed of 'breaking coverage' in New York. There was a huge tear in one of the WTC towers with a moderate amount of smoke emerging from the gash. Initial reports were that a plane had crashed into it but no reporter could yet verify what kind or size of plane it may have been. I had remembered seeing footage of when a twin prop plane had crashed into The Empire State Building in the fog when it was being built.
I thought that this plane crash was going to be at least as historical as that so I threw a tape into the VCR. I was confused that the reporters couldn't figure out that it was certainly a large jet by the width of the scar in the building (they were still tossing up the theory that it was a leer jet) . And I remember thinking "Hmmm, no fog this time though. How does an accident like that happen?"
Shortly later a CNN affiliate was reporting from a top floor in a nearby building when I heard him pause and stutter from his reporting like he was distracted. He was watching the second plane approach.
And I watched it live. I stood there. No emotion. No surprise. No fear. No anger. Just watching that giant fireball fill the screen.

I eventually went to work (about three hours late I think). The phones didn't ring. The door didn't open. Hours passed. After work I went straight to the disc golf course. I joined two other golfers who were just teeing off. We shared introductions and pleasantries albeit somber ones. NOT ONE WORD of the days events was spoken by any of us. In fact conversation in general was kept fairly minimal. At one point a military helicopter flew slowly overhead. It was interesting how deafening its sound was. We paid it little attention. It eventually continued on and we did too. Onto the back nine.


Ten Things that Strike Terror in my Heart

Thanks to rabbit (one of my top 5 favorite sites) for the inspiration!! I love it!
I hope you don't mind...

1- Phone calls from unlisted or restricted numbers
2- The sound of a flushing toilet when im in the shower
3- Something moving in the bottom of my shoe
4- Pat Robertson
5- Boys calling asking for aspen (it hasn't happened yet but it's only a matter of time)
6- My boss calling on my day off
7- This burning sensation when i pee
8- Keaneu Reeves' acting skills
9- The sound of a girl snickering as I undress
10- My dentist saying "well this needs some immediate attention!"



Aspen's Favorite

This guy was about the size of a quarter

Work with Me, Man. Work with Me!

A few years ago I worked closely with a good guy, Mark. He was in his mid 40's, had a couple kids and had been married for about 15 years. He was going through a stressful time in his marriage. He was not where he wanted to be career wise, he wasnt bringing in the same income as her which was making all the monthly bills a bit overwhelming.
It was pretty much a daily occurance that you would hear a somewhat elevated and heated exchange between Mark and his wife over the phone. They would never be full out scream fests but you could tell things were not as smooth between them as a married couple would like. I always felt sympathetic to the situation. Mark was a great guy, I was sure his wife was very endearing and I knew that they were raising some great kids.
Well, one day Mark's wife walks into the office and is hanging around for a bit. I remember seeing her when she walked in and thinking to myself that this is a very attractive woman. This is before I realize she's Mark's wife. Before long I see her and Mark talking and I do figure it out. And as I walk past them Mark stops me and introduces me.
Now I'm not always a smartass, 89.5% of the time yes, but not always. This was one of that other 10.5% of the time. Perhaps my reputation preceedes me, I don't know. At any rate, I saw this as an opportunity to help old Mark and his better half have a nicer day together than it would have been otherwise.
Now it's about here that all you readers are thinking "Damn Brico, what did you do?" in your little belittling we-have-better-judgement-than-you voices.
Well I say to you all "Talk to the hand! You don't know me!"
THIS is what I do: As soon as Mark introduces me to his lovely wife I look at him and say (very politely and pleasantly mind you!) "You weren't kidding Mark, your wife is beautiful."
And I catch in my periferal vission a wonderful sweet smile begin to emerge from the corners of her lips as she turns her head slightly to look into the eyes of the father of her children.
This is the point where any man would have turned his head toward his wife and reply "Yes she certainly is."
Unless you're Mark that is. If you're Mark, apparently the protocol for such a situation is to jerk your head quickly to the friend (me) and reply without hesitation "I never said that."
And just like that the corners of her sweet smile vanished.
I tried man, I tried. You gotta work with me!



Ten Gilligan's Island Episodes I Would Like to have Seen

1- Ginger and Mary Ann explore 'the other side' together
2- Thurston buys nuclear secrets from The Professor
3- Tattoo and Mr. Roarke grant their wish to "get off this forsaken island" by putting them dead smack in the middle of the bizarre island from LOST
4- Misses Howell gets a severe case of Tourettes
5- The gang discovers a poppy field on the far side of the island
6- Pat Robertson arrives in a boat to spread the good word and they leave him stranded when he isnt looking
7- The Professor writes a manifesto on the evils of technology and starts mailing packages to the others
8- Ashton Kutcher appears and announces they have all just been Punk'd
9- Dr. Phill passes by and teaches them how to talk out their problems in a productive and respectful manner
10- Season cliffhanger: Who impregnated Ginger?



A Moment of Silent Respect Please

Goodbye Lil Buddy!

Ten Embarrassing Secrets About Me

1- I always wear socks to bed. Usually cool fleece socks though!
2- I think Whitney's version of "I Will Always Love You" is actually very good. I can't be the only one; she sings the HELL out of that!
3- I cried for Okasana Baiul when she won the gold. And would cry again under similar circumstances
4- I dance like a dorky goofball when Aspen asks me to. I draw the blinds first
5- Getting my 2nd (of 3) tattoos was SO painful I quit 30 seconds into it. With the help of Captain Morgan and some Tylenol I was able to see it through the next day
6-I've seen Anne Murray in concert. Notice that THAT is not in my concert log
7- I often forget how old I am and have to do the math. Careful what you smoke kids
8- I have severe acrophobia. It makes bungee jumping a REAL rush though
9- I hate beer! I'll get ill after a few sips. I can handle my weight in Jager though
10- I get incredibly sad on my favorite holiday (Thanksgiving). And I like it



Ten Phrases You'll Never Hear Me Say

This list was inspired in part by Rabbit and her very funny 'Bad Pick Up Lines' posts. I wish more people would visit there 'cause I'm feeling kinda like a stalker being the only one leaving comments.

1- "Let's go to a rave tonight!"
2- "Excuse me sir, you dropped your wallet"
3- "_________ was a better quarterback than Elway"
4- "Sorry
Nicky, not tonight"
5- "I sure hope Jeb Bush decides to run in 2008!"
6- "Hmmm, maybe blind faith IS the answer"
7- "I'll have the veal please"
8- "I wish I could wear a suit and tie to work everyday"
9- "That Brittney Spears sure sings some good songs"
10- "Boy, Pat Robertson makes a valid point there"



A Movie in the Making

While working on the sets of William Ferels (purposefully spelled wrong - I don't want google tracking this) new movie, I was able to bring in my trusty powershot camera and sneak a few shots of the sets and the man himself. This is strictly prohibited. Only the assigned still photographer and her assistants are allowed to have cameras on site. But heres a sneak peek at what should be coming our way in late spring. shhhhhh....
The sets you see here are mostly for flashback scenes (1970's) as you can tell by the decore. The lengths that the crew is going through to make it authentic is great.

Dorky Tuesday #1 9-6-05

Taken about a year ago. For some reason, this pic turns girlonaglide on. Scary huh?
That flushing sound you hear is my carefully constructed street cred dissapearing forever.
Thanks Os, no amount of tattooed calf pics or me in a towell is going to help me now!

No Tag Backs?

Duff decided to be a little wiseacre on Wednesday and tag me with one of those inane lists that supposedly give readers entertaining insight into the blogger's life. My problem with these things is that once you get tagged you send it back out 3 or 5 fold to other "friends".
My fellow bloggers, I implore you! If this keeps up, within a few weeks all the blogging community will be
is a cyberwasteland of taglists. We will have no time for anything else, work, sleep, food, potty, or hot chicks posting cleavage shots. The terrorists themselves couldn't have planned this out better. Our propensity for attention combined with a fear of piturbing our readers leads us like lemmings to a cliff to fulfill these tags. PLEASE! THE INSANITY MUST STOP HERE!!
...After I do my list here and tag a couple of you sorry saps. THEN it must stop!

1. Name as it appears on birth certificate: Brico Algernon Presley Trout
2. Nicknames: Tripod
3. Place of Birth: Limestone,ME
4. Favorite food: dry rice, raisinettes, water, flavored water, chocolate free funny brownies
5. Ever been to Africa: I saw the movie 'out of Africa' once, it was like being there
6. Love someone so much it hurts: right now I HATE someone so much it hurts! (see opening paragraph)
7. Been in a car accident: I want to say 'no' but one morning after a long night, I went out to my car to see another car upside down and ontop of mine, so...
8. Croutons or bacon bits: veggie baco bits
9. Favorite day of the week: Thursday, because my favorite porn site gives out a free password that is good for 20 minutes.
10. Favorite restaurant: wherever it is that Jackie works. I haven't tracked it down yet but I WILL.
11. Favorite sport to watch: amateur hacky sack
12. Favorite drink for summer: lake water
13. Favorite ice cream: rainbow bubblegum sherbet
14. Disney or Warner Bros: as of recent I would have to say Dreamworks
15. Favorite fast food: ick
16. What Color is your bedroom carpet: carpet matches the curtains
17. How many times did you fail your driver's test: auto: passed the very first time. motorcycle: passed the first time. 8 axle, 2 trailer towing, 4 ton semi: failed 47 times so far.
18. Before this one, from whom did you get your last e-mail: BIG:GER4HER@herbalremedies
19. Which store would you choose to max out your credit card: Great Outdoor Provisions Company
20. What do you do most often when you are bored: answer insipid tag lists
21. What time is Bedtime: about ten minutes after I get to work.
22. Favorite TV shows: 21 jump street, hermans head, 700 club, chico & the man, c-span II, tony orlando & dawn variety hour, the new solid gold (season 1)
23. Last person/s you went to dinner with: Andy
24. Ford or Chevy: Jeep baby!
25. What are you listening to right now: three voices in my head having an argument over how I should handle Duff once I track her down
26. What is your favorite color: crimson
27. Lake, ocean or river: its all good
28. How many tattoos do you have? three
29. Have you ever run out of gas: Yes, all the time. That's why I keep a hose and gas can in my trunk and never drive too far from parking lots

Now: whose next:
Jamwall doesn't usually include stuff like this in his blog, but seeing that one of the great injustices in blogging is that I seem to be one of the only people who comments on his site, I know he doesn't want to piss me off by dissing me. So, Jamwall.
GOAG, 'cause she never posts frequently enough.
Rabbit, cause she needs to step away from wherever she hangs to hear all those bad pick up lines. Its 'cause I care, hon!
For all the rest of you, consider yourselves lucky!