Thirty Days.
One hundred hours of job searching.
Forty resumes & cover letters sent.
One interview.*
For Doc's sake, I will not make this a political post (but it would be sooo easy!).
I do not suggest anyone out there quit their job before finding a new one at this point.
That short enough for you doc?
*I passed the interview but it required travel which as a single father is not a viable option.



For the last four years, up until I moved out west (and why Colorado is considered 'west' when geographically it is clearly in the center of the U.S., that's a post for another day) I have had a bathrobe hanging on the back of my bathroom door (because... where else do you hang a bathrobe?).
It was a gift from mom. I do not use bathrobes. I never have. I'm not sure that I have ever put this rather nice and cush robe on. By now it's certainly got some pretty decent hanger nipples going on.

So when I packed up to head out 'west', I did my best to get rid of stuff that I knew I never used or didn't need.

But as I said, this was a gift. From mom. Must hang on to gifts. And now that I am pretty much all unpacked and settled into the new place that same grey and blue plush bathrobe hangs on the back of the bathroom door of my new place (because... where else do you hang a bathrobe?).

Looks good though. Matches the blue decor of the room.



Yesterday, while on the campaign trail, McCain complained "Senator Obama saw an economic crisis and he’s found a political opportunity. My friends this is not a time for political opportunism, this is a time for leadership,”
I'm confused. McCain is upset that Obama is using the current economic crisis to differentiate himself and his policies from those of his opponent?
Is McCain suggesting that the crisis is so bad that it should be out of bounds for topics of discussion in this election year?
That can't be right because McCain feels that "the fundamentals of our economy are strong."
So now all of a sudden it's a 'crisis'?
If a political candidate isn't allowed to discuss the economic status of the country, and is called a sexist if he discusses a female opponent's beliefs/policies/history/record/experience/family in any way... it sure sounds like the Republican camp is simply saying "No fair bringing up anything that might make our candidate or our party look bad!"



Thursday was the first meeting of Aspen's new Girl Scout troop for the season.
They were discussing all the activities they could do to earn various badges. When they were talking about a 'scout campover' (which is always a season favorite for the girls) Aspen heard the troop mom mention Boy Scouts being there...

Aspen: "Wait, there are going to be Boy Scouts there too?"

Troop Mom: "Yes, that's why they're calling it a 'scout campover' this year."

Aspen (dissapointedly): "Um, could we pay extra so it was just Girl Scouts there?"

You can stay up eating ice cream and watching cartoons tonight for that comment!




Sure doesn't take us long to remember our differences and go back to our petty divisive ways.

Will either of them stand up against lobbyists and their own party's partisanship or will they crumble in the face of peer presure once they are sworn in?



A text transcript between me and 'the machine' the other night...

Me: (texting to Sean's 7 digit #) "turn on daily show now"

0000000000: "Please use a 10 digit number when text messaging. Thanks for texting with Cricket"

Me: "Why? Can't you figure out if I text a 7 digit number that the area code is the same as the phone from which the text originated?"

000000000: "Your message could not be delivered. 0000000000 is not a valid wireless device."

Me: "But it's the number from which you just texted me!"

000000000: "Your message could not be delivered. 0000000000 is not a valid wireless device."

Me: "So what is your number then?"

XX9750482X: "How's Faith's Paw doing?"

Me: "So all of a sudden youre not a nameless numberless souless machine program and have inside knowledge as to my households health?"

XX9750482X: "U know i care dont give me that"

Me: "A minute ago you wouldnt listen to anything i had to say. now all of a sudden you have a soul and a personality?"

XX9750482X: "Yr gonna make me cry"

Me: "Now you feel emotions? youve converted from a software program into a kalani. Am i being punkd?!"


Of course, suddenly (according to conservative trumpeters), the actions and indiscretions (legal or illegal) of a 17 year old in no way reflect the character, dedication, quality or judgement of his/her parents...
even when they leave the liquor cabinet unlocked and the concept of condoms out of the classrooms.
This I promise to the American People: If pictures like this ever turn up of my daughter, I will readily decline any invitation to be the vice presidential nominee.
note: there is some debate on the net if these pics are actually bristol or her friends. if they are not her then consider this a retraction and an appology for The Nut's innacuracies. i trust that the dedicated family advocate and responsible parent Sarah Palin was well aware of her daughter's friends' behavior by monitoring her daughter's myspace page and that of her boyfriend from where these pics were taken and that appropriate restrictions and discussions on acceptable behavior resulted.



A-Z Meme

A - Available/Single? Yup, I need a significant other to babysit my daughter so I can go out on some tail runs
B - Best Friend? John Stewart
C- Cake or Pie? Pie! (snicker snicker)
E - Essential Item You Use Everyday? ipod
F - Favorite Colour? Clear (hello fellow Buddhists)
G - Gummy Bears Or Worms? Gummy Road Kill (I have 2 bags I am saving for when I find that special someone).
H - Hometown? Colorado Springs
I - Indulgence? That one hit song by Scissor Sister
J - January Or February? February (1st week of Feb is Super Bowl).
K - Kids & Their Names? 1, Aspen (please-don't-grow-anymore) Payne.
L - Life Is Incomplete Without? Seeing Tina Fey play Sarah Palin on the season premier of SNL.
M - Marriage Date? I honestly do not remember the date (month or day) I got married or divorced.
N- Number Of Siblings? Zero... and don't say 'That answers alot!'
O - Oranges Or Apples? Both, I'm a vegetarian who hates veggies so that leaves breads and fruits.
P - Phobias/Fears? None: People who harbor irrational fears scare the bejeezus outta me.
Q - Favorite Quote? "Goddamn that was sensational Brico!"
R - Reason to Smile? Long time friend Sean has a renewable hydrocodone prescription!
S - Season? Fall or Spring - Fall=Football & pretty colored leaves.
T - Tag Three People? Doc, OCL and Tiff
U - Unknown Fact About Me? I can't dance
V - Vegetable you don’t like? Just one? Lima Beans, they are the absolute worstest!
W - Worst Habit? Dancing in the shower.
X - X-rays You’ve Had? In the last 6 months: wrist, ribs, shoulder, elbow (all fractured, or seperated).
Y - Your Favorite Food? Mexican .
Z - Zodiac Sign? Scorpio

p.s. Chrissie? What happened to 'D'?



Slacker? Excuse me if leaching off of unsecured internet hotspots (until I get my own account) is spotty at best!
I know it's been a week since I posted but unpacking boxes isnt exactly blogging gold.
Aspen loves her new school and says her teacher is the best she has ever had. When asked about how it is she gives a beaming and enthusiastic 'awesome!' which clearly is coming fromt her heart. That is more comforting than anything at this point.
Comforting to Aspen is the fact that her school doesn't believe in homework at this age. Just some math work that doesn't get done in class. She is ecstatic. She is also psyched to be joining in cross country and choir for after school programs.
As for me, the boxes are mostly unpacked, though I can't find a few key things (my Aspen Edge beer mug)! I finally got Maria up and running. And here is where I learned something: When transporting a dry cell battery (the kind of battery for small vehicles in which you have to add the acid by hand to the individual cells) from one elevation to another, the battery will in all likelihood... die. And that is what indeed happened. So I had to spring for a new battery but now she is purring like a gato. Of course, this morning in Colorado Springs it was 41 degrees. Hence, riding season may just about be over here. At least insurance is significantly cheaper in CO than SC.
I'll post some pics of the new place shortly. Maybe I should work on becoming employed first. What do you say, Maria?