Recently a co-worker told me of a Bush quote that I found hard to believe. He told me to look it up.
As some of you may know, I am the most ineffective Googler ever. I have said in the past that I could Google the word 'porn' and I would come up with no matches. But even Google couldn't hide this quote from me. There were hundreds of links to it.

It seems that sometime in 2006 this exchange occured between Bush and an aide:

GOP leaders told Bush that his hardcore push to renew the more onerous provisions of The Patriot Act could further alienate conservatives still mad at the President from his botched attempt to nominate White House Counsel Harriet Miers to the Supreme Court.

“I don’t give a goddamn,” Bush retorted. “I’m the President and the Commander-in-Chief. Do it my way.”

“Mr. President,” one aide in the meeting said. “There is a valid case that the provisions in this law undermine the Constitution.”

Stop throwing the Constitution in my face,” Bush screamed back. “It’s just a goddamned piece of paper!”
You guys getting tired of this yet?



This week President Bush received subpoenas from the House and Senate requesting documents on the firings of several U.S. attorneys last year.
What do you think The President's response was on Thursday?
Did he?
A) Tell his staff to organize and collect the relevant documents and have them immediately sent to the proper authorities in a timely manner?

B) Come to the podium and confess that the eight Attorneys General firings were indeed of a political (and illegal) motive and appologize to the American People for his and his staff's unethical behavior?

C) Ask Roberto Gonzalez to tender his resignation so that the entire matter could be put to rest and the Justice Department could move back to it's important business?
D) Announce that he was going to blatantly defy the subpoenas, in effect telling The House and Senate (and American people) that it once again feels it is above the law and has no interest in participating in the Constitutional system of checks and balances?
The answer: Tune in tomorrow (if your brainless ass didn't already figure it out)




Do you know your history? Wanna take a trivia challenge?
In the comments, name the 4 individuals above and match them to the senseless mass murder scenes below for which they are responsible.
Extra credit: Name the countries the individuals are from; the approximate dates of the crimes; the nation(s) against whom the crimes were committed; and how these criminals met justice.
Pencils up... Good luck... You may begin.




Sorry Dick, but if you have spent the last 6 years citing 'Executive Privilege' as an excuse to not turn over visitor logs and meeting transcripts with energy CEO's, to now claim that your office is not a part of The Executive Branch once you realize the executive order Bush signed into law requires your office to turn over all documents you have deemed as 'classified' to the National Archives... that comes across as just a tad disingenuous and entirely contemptuous.

The fact that The Constitution of The United States, Article 2, Section A, Paragraph 1 states (and I quote):

The executive Power shall be vested in a President of the United States of America. He shall hold his Office during the Term of four Years, and, together with the Vice President, chosen for the same Term, be elected as follows
...well, that doesn't help your argument much.
The office of Vice President is a part of The Executive Branch (see above). Dick Cheney now claims it is a part of The Legislative Branch since The Vice President of the United States is to be the president of the Senate... (Article 1, Section 3, Paragraph D). The Senate is a part of The Legislative Branch.
Simply because The VP holds a position over the Legislative Branch does not make his office a part of it.
By this reasoning The President could consider his office a part of The Judicial Branch because it is The President who appoints judges to The Supreme Court (Article 2, Section 2, Paragraph B).
To call this 'flawed logic' is an insult to logic.
No, an introduction to and description of The VP's office is found in The Conststution under Article 2 which is dedicated to outlining The Executive Branch. Not in Articel 1 which outlines The Legislative Branch. If the authors of The Constitution meant for the VP office to be a part of The Legislative Branch then it would have listed that office under Article 1.
Plain and simple.

Ladies and gentlemen, citizens of The United States, readers from other countries: The United States of America is currently undergoing an attempted coup, from within. The elected establishment (specifically the Executive Branch) is attempting to undermine and rewrite The Constitution of The United States in order to expand it's powers beyond it's authority.

This is tantamount to Treason.

Treason: a violation of allegiance to one's sovereign or to one's state.

Dick Cheney twice took an oath to uphold The Constitution of The United States which he is now attempting to rewrite on his own accord. 'Upholding' and 'rewriting' are not synonymous. In fact, they are polar opposites.

Article 2, Section 4, Paragraph A:
The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the Unites States, shall be removed from office on Impeachment for, and conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors.

This is an adequate site to begin reading, learning about, and understanding what actions you can take to support the impeachment of Dick Cheney.
The Rusty Nut still awaits correction in this and the previous post. Tell us where our facts and or conclusions are inaccurate. Hannity? O'Reilly? Rush? Colbert? Where are you guys?



From time to time I find the need to speak politics over here at The Nut.
This is one of those times...
In an effort to keep from having to legally divulge information about the working of his inner circle, Dick Cheney has made the argument that the office of Vice President and his advisers are not a part of the executive branch.
I can not recall a time when I have been more disappointed and disillusioned by a presidential administration. Maybe it has to do with the fact that I just saw an advanced screening of Michael Moore's 'SiCKO', I dunno.
For the last 6+ years we have seen the Bush administration conduct itself in a manner completely contemptuous of the Constitution and Bill of Rights.
From the creation of secret and private military forces in Iraq that are free to act outside of any Geneva Conventions and not accountable to any Federal or International laws; from the outright intentional distortion and manipulation of CIA data to justify an invasion of a sovereign state; from allowing establishments of faith to oversee the distribution of federal monies to the needy; from the creation of the category of 'Enemy Combatants' in order to by-pass international war laws when detaining and interrogating them; from the deliberate leaking of classified information in order to discredit political opponents (Libby); from the firing of federal prosecutors for political reasons; from illegal wiretapping of American Citizens; from appointing long time family friends to top positions in dozens of federal institutions despite their lack of qualifications (Dan Brown - FEMA, Paul Wolfowitz - World Bank to name just two); and now to claim that the Vice Presidency is not a part of The Executive Branch?!
Of what branch of government would Dick Cheney think his office is a part? Certainly not The Judicial (though I'm sure he would be thrilled at the possibilities that would offer). Not The Legislative (although they have made every effort to influence and sway the real Legislative Branch over the years). That leaves his office to be a part of The Executive Branch.
Cheney must face the realization that the privileges which come with his position do not override his limitations. His position is not that of a dictator. He has to answer to other branches of the federal government when it is appropriate. His claim is tantamount to saying "As V.P. I do not have to answer to anybody." Or in more frank terms "I am above the law!"
While The Bush Administration claims to be acting in the best interest of our country with all of these decisions, it is apparent that both he and Cheney see the Constitution, Bill of Rights, Due Process, Writ of Habius Corpus, Separation of Church and State, and The System of Checks and Balances as not foundations that make our country great but as irksome obstacles to making our country a dictatorship whereupon the 'President' makes his own laws without interference from (or having to answer to) anyone else.
In the current situation anyone who aligns them self with the viewpoints of Bush and Cheney is in fact not a patriot. A patriot is loyal not to any given administration but to The Constitution itself. The current administration (or "my government" as Bush has recently referred to it) has routinely acted in complete counter accordance with the concepts listed above.
In the current situation, a patriot of The United States would support not simply an impeachment of The Bush Administration but a complete overthrow of it if necessary.
I am a patriot.
I love the principles on which this country was founded. Our forefather's were spectacular in their foresight that each branch of government must be limited in its powers. I appreciate that we as citizens are directed (one might even say ordered) to overthrow our government whenever we see one branch acting against the outlining of The Constitution and overstepping its given powers.
I would love to hear an argument made that all of these policies made or attempted by Bush and Cheney do actually fall in complete allignment with the Constitution.

ps (BTW, I do not associate myself with any party and fully supported the impeachment of Bill Clinton for lying to a Grand Jury)



What famous people have you met?

I have found myself in the presence of John Davidson (co-host of 'That's Incredible'), Dick Van Dyke (at a restaurant where I was the host), John Popper (lead singer of Blues Traveler), and um... that's it?

Man! Am I that much of a hermit? There's gotta be someone else I met. Check back for an update.
update: Rick Flair (was on a plane with him), Tommy Chong and Dave Atell (got my pics with them)



In my ponderings on life and our purpose in it over the years I have long concluded that the most important task one can undertake in this world is parenting. I have never been able to think of a mission that is more important or more vital to be done 'correctly' than raising a child.

When young I heard the song 'Teach Your Children' by C,S,N&Y and didn't get it. In the midst of all the topics that rock & roll covered, the topic of raising a child seemed... out of place.

Of course, after becoming a teacher myself in the early 90's I began to see the vitality of teaching properly and raising offspring whole heartedly.

Now I can visualize two worlds, one in which parents take their obligations seriously and one in which they don't. And to this day I fail to see anything that can be more devastating to our planet and the societies that inhabit it than a populace that was never taught compassion, respect, patience, honesty, and selflessness.

As a result of these 'findings' I have refused to fail or even get a mere 'passing' grade in what I believe is the greatest and most important endeavour I shall ever set out on.

Fatherhood has taught me more than I could ever have foreseen. I recently tried to picture my life today if I had never been blessed with my child. One word that would describe it would be 'aimless'. While it may be hyperbole to say 'fatherhood saved my lfe' it is completely accurate to say 'fatherhood has given my life direction, passion, guidance, focus, meaning, and more pleasure than my own private caribean island'.

I am happier, more sincere, more comfortable, in better health, wiser, and 'wealthier' than a lifetime of higher learning, a gym membership and hardwork could ever have made me.

So it is with no lack of pride that I say "Happy Father's Day to me!"



This is it. It doesn't get any better than this. Sure, it cost a few skins but this is monumental. Never to be outdone in the history of my concert going days. Memories will be made that will last a lifetime (as long as they're not smoked away in the process that is). Stories will be told to great grandkids about this day. Future acquaintances will say "Aw hogwash Brico! You're so full of it! You aint never did that!" (apparently I still live in the Carolina woods in the future).
For you see... today is the day that I secured very very very front row (as in only air between me and the stage) seats for none other than The Allman Brothers Band. They shall be here in a mere 59 days.

Greg Allman, Warren Hanes and Derek Trucks will be playing solely for me and Miguel. Everyone else can eat it!

I shall be taking the day off and starting the par-tay-ing at dawn (the previous day!)



A letter came to me yesterday from the superintendent of Aspen's school. It reads something like this...
Dear Bricotrout (& Aspen's mother),
Your child, Aspen, qualifies for placement into Gifted and Talented classes.

She met 2 of the 3 state regulations which qualifies her (and came damn close to meeting all 3).

According to the letter, once a child is identified and meets qualifications s/he is permanently quailfied and does not have to retest ever.

I don't know yet what this means exactly as far as her being in a different classroom or having a different teacher, etc. I will find that info out on Monday.

This was a very pleasant surprise. All the experience I've had with letters from superintendents say something along the lines of 'Bricotrout has been suspended for the remainder of the school year' or 'Bricotrout has been found to qualify to ride the special bus to and from school from here on out' or 'starting fires in the trashcans at school is a violation of state laws, therefor...'

Anyway, I couldn't be prouder of my little girl.

Harvard law scholarships... here we come!!!



Sunday, my first Sunday in quite some time without parental duties, saw Miguel and I heading up to some bike trails surrounding the new state of the art whitewater training facility outside of town.

After biking a grueling 9 miles (Miguel's tire flattened in the last 1/2 mile and he had to walk it out), we had lunch at the restaurant and enjoyed the atmosphere.

This place, see diagram, is pretty cool. There apparently is only one other one like it in the world (down under I hear). This drawing doesn't do the place justice. And I won't even go into the quality of eye candy adorning the surroundings!

Later on in the evening I took one of the kayaks out on the lake (see photo - that's where bricotrout resides) for sunset rituals. Water is very warm right now!

Then I came home and went straight to sleep.

See how boring I am!
sidenote: that's a pretty good pic for a cell phone i must say!

sidenote2: on the headphones i am listening to springsteen's new live in dublin with the sessions band cd. the same band he did the seeger sessions cd with. if you have not heard that yet i strongly recomend it. a 5 star cd in my book. and im not even a big bruce fan for that matter.




Which do you allow to govern your actions more frequently...







Do you still say "Excuse me" when you sneeze, even when you're by yourself and noone heard you?




This was the list Aspen made for us to do on our last day together. Tropical Storm Brandon threw a wrench into the swimming and kayaking parts but other than that it was mission accomplished.
We woke up this morning and went to the animal shelter to walk some of the dogs and play with the cats. It's funny how slow she is getting dressed when it's a school day but when it's a volunteer-at-the-humane-society day, she is fully clothed before I can exit the room.
We later watched Star Wars, went to her step dad's house so she could stay goodbye to him and her dogs, rode bikes to the lake where we fed the turtles then came home and got her bags ready.
She left at 7:06 pm.
Now... the place is empty.
Guess I'll get some reading done.
This will be tough.
Already is.



I am not where I should be...

Do you ever get the feeling you were meant for great things but somehow you just missed the boat altogether? As Pink Floyd says "No one told you when to run, you missed the starting gun"
This has been coming more and more to the forefront of my mind as the years count down. No longer a little voice in the back of my head, now it's a jackhammer at my temple spelling this out in Morse Code.
Being content in life is a great asset unless it hinders one's ambitions. I have no ambitions (all things parenthood aside).
Mentally: I want to not laugh at every Dennis Miller joke, not because I don't get his references but because he sucks.
Physically: I want to not have back pain; I want to be able to run a marathon; I want to not get winded after a quickie.
Spiritually: I want to be able to meditate and stay focused on the moment for 5 minutes without my mind wandering; I want to not fear.
Financially: I want to have savings that will actually cover an emergency or a period of unemployment; I want to have more zero's in the ROTH IRA's; I want to have not already gotten to that highest rung at work.

What will I say when I look at this post a year from now?