Little Bird R.I.P.

Most people who are vegetarians for moral reasons believe that animals have the same rights as human beings to live life free from suffering, torture, and murder. Humans are the only species that practice deliberate torture on eachother and other creatures.
So when I see a scene like what happened in Mexico City yesterday by a bull named Little Bird, I have absolutely no sympathy for the victims.
Since I believe animals have the same rights to be free from torture as humans then when I see a bull being stabbed to death slowly for an hour in front of cheering spectators, to me this is no different than watching an innocent child being stabbed to death slowly in front of cheering spectators.
Little Bird was killed 30 minutes later. Only two people were injured.
Read about it here.

100 Tidbits about Bricotrout

1- Brico is my name in Spanish
2- Trout is my fraternity nickname (Sigma Chi)
3- Colorado is my true home
4- My father died in a plane crash when I was 10 months old
5- I love playing board type games with a small group of close friends
6- I hate beer
7- I am anti death penalty
8- Im a published photographer
9- I cried for hours when Jerry Garcia died
10- I play the drums
11- I can NOT sing
12- Family Guy is my favorite guilty pleasure
13- I cant stand loud clubs
14- Steve Kimock (the artist featured in the castpost above) is my favorite guitarist
15- I lived at a Buddhist monastery for a year in Nova scotia (hi Belly)
16- I am fluent in Spanish (hola Doctora)
17- A woman who can throw a sidearm frisbee will catch my eye (hi Jackie)
18- Apparently some women question my heterosexuality upon seeing my decorating and cleaning skills (hi Heather)
19- I wish I lived closer to a reef
20- I like reefer (hi Dawn, Blonde & Jolie)
21- I used to teach Kindergarten (scary huh?)
22- I havent been to a doctor in 6 years
23- I dont like being called a 'dork' (hi Kalani)
24- I refuse to get into fights (see #25)
25- The last time I was in a fight (5th grade) I cracked the kids skull open
26- I broke my wrist showing off to my girlfriend in college
27- I am an only child
28- I am a cat person
29- I am a dog person
30- I am a ferret person
31- I am an animal lover in general
32- I want a marmoset as a pet
33- I cried like a baby when my cat of 15 years died
34- I had hypospadias surgery when I was 2, 3 and 7 (it works fine thanks!)
35- I had deviated septum surgery when i was 30
36- I have written a Simpson's episode but cant get it reviewed unless I join the writers union
37- I have $ put aside for vision corrective surgery but am afraid to get it
38- I almost never remember my dreams (hi Freckle Boy - laugh THAT one up Kalani!)
39- Ive been held up at knife point
40- I did opium once
41- Ive never been arrested
42- I served in the Peace Corps in Honduras
43- I was a dj at my college radio station (hi Duff)
44- My best friend in elementary school was
this guy
45- Im a graphic designer
46- I prefer bare (hi Audra, Kalani, Sasha, Heather, Tish, Wendy...)
47- I have 3 tattoos
Ive been shot at
49- I am afraid of heights
50- Ive been shaving my head since 1994
51- I love popsicles
52- I rarely let Aspen have candy
53- I do NOT like colonoscopies!
54- I have driven a semi after hitching a ride with a drunk truck driver
55- Ive never been found at fault for an auto accident
56- I have slight scoliosis
57- I got a jingle bell stuck in my nose when I was 8
58- I like smiles
59- I own 3 kayaks and a jetski
60- Next season im trading in the jetski for a boat!
61- I went to a military school for high school
62- I havent eaten red meat in 17 years (I had to revert back to white meat while in Honduras
63- I avoid killing sentient beings at all costs (unless it comes down to me or them)
64- I dont like chocolate
65- I have a bad habit of chewing ice
66- I don't feel or act anywhere close to my age
67- I swore I would never get married a second time
68- I feel perfectly comfortable running with scissors
69- I have been hit by a car (as a pedestrian) twice
70- I was an extra in the movie 'The Doors'
71- I like classic 60's - 70's rock (except The Doors)
72- I believe in life outside our solar system
73- I have seen a U.F.O. first hand (with 2 acquaintances seeing the same exact thing)
74- I would never try to convert someone's religion
75- I have 3 B.A.'s
76- Ive had my hand slammed in a car door
77- I have swallowed a penny
78- I have stepped on 3 nails
79- I will never step on another board laying on the ground ever again
80- I used to know the entire movie 'Breakfast Club' ver batem
81- I have no fears of perishing into a black hole
82- I hate alot of vegetables... for a vegetarian
83- I am in love
84- I am a published photographer
85- My favorite toy is photoshop
86- I am an introvert
87- My biggest 'fault' is not spending enough time/energy on charitable causes
88- I cry EVERY time I watch the end of Super Bowl XXXII
89- I have a bartender's degree
90- I have flown a plane
91- I have had a man die in my hands
92- I suffer from sleep paralysis on occasion
93- I was unfaithful in a relationship one time in college, never since
94- I have saved 2 kittens stuck perilessly high in trees
95- I had a dead fish as a pet for a full year in college named 'Madonna'
96- I rarely think before I speak
97- I have remained in touch with none of my high school or college friends
98- I had a mohawk in high school
99- Due to parasites that I contracted in Honduras I lost a severe amount of weight and was down to 110 pounds
100- I lost my virginity using a produce baggie and rubberband as the form of protection


Elect That Guy for Public Office!

"It is Charlotte Police Department's policy to give chase to a vehicle only if the driver poses a danger to themself or the public. Because of the driver's mental instability we did not feel she was a threat so we did not pursue her in chase."

This is a direct quote from a spokesman for the CPD yesterday addressing questions from the press regarding why a woman who had shot her uncle in his house with a shot gun then took his car and began a 45 minute 'spree' of driving the wrong direction on one way streets, shooting at other vehicles, running red lights, and committing mutliple hit and runs was not pursued in flight but instead was just roadblocked at an intersection where she was predicted to have been headed.
My question is this: Since when does one's mental instability indicate that they are not a danger?
I love this state!


Has Anyone Seen My Brain? (or: Why I'll Be Single Come Tomorrow)

This is a literal transcript from my phone conversation with the woman I love last night. Keep in mind it was quite late and I had smoked first. The topic had somehow drifted into the extremely dangerous waters of comparing my ex-girlfriends. As any man with an ex-girlfriend knows, this is breaking rule #1A of 'The Relationship Banter Hand Book' Sadly, when the subtopic entered the 'weight' category I was oblivious to the red flags, warning flares, air raid sirens and road blocks that were painting the proverbial landscape. I don't deserve to be free from agonizing pain right now...

Me "The only woman I've dated who's skinnier than me is my ex"
Audra "Still, I'd rather be a skinny whore than a fat bitch"
Me "Honey, you're not a fat bitch. You're a fat sweety"

Apparently chewing ice and drinking aren't the issues I should be trying to fix in my life. I should be focusing on the dangerous habit I have of opening my mouth.


Tick Tock Tick Tock



Be Their Voice #2

Simply take a look at the picture below and come up with whatever you think the person (or persons or even animals as the case may be in future pics) is thinking and leave it in the comments. If you have more than one idea then by all means come back and comment repeatedly.Let our creativity fly!


Raise Your Hand if...

Raise your hand if you would pursue a fling with someone you were not physically attracted to if you knew ahead of time it would be the best sexual encounter you would ever have.


Ten Things NOT To Do at a Job Interview

For the last two days it has been my favorite time of year at the office. Job Interview Time!! This is where every yahoo, bumpkin and hamhead with a single digit IQ tries to fool 'the man' for 30 minutes with good posture, extended eye contact and not being a mouth breather for once in their life.
There is nothing funner than pretending youre on the phone with clients as you watch these bottom feeders try to assimilate themselves.
So here is a list of 'no no's' for the potentially employed out there that I observed first hand over the last 16 business hours.

1- tuck in your damn shirt
2- that eyebrow piercing youre sporting, remove it (i aint judging!)
3- don't show up 1 hour early then get impatient
4- if your interview is at 1:30 don't call at 1:45 and say youre going to be late. just cut your losses and move on to your next potential employer
5- wear clothes that are clean (if this means you have to change after eating then do so)
6- bathe before arriving (the people in whose presence you are waiting have a say in who's hired too)
7- DO NOT bathe in perfume or cologne (especially if you still think brut or old spice is a chick magnet)
8- articulate when speaking! "Are you hiring right now?" shouldnt sound like "Do you have a hernia in your ear?"
9- while waiting for your interview do not ask the other employees "So is the boss here a real hardass or what?"
10- maybe dont have a six pack for lunch when your interview is at 1pm


Raise Your Hand if...

Raise your hand if you use those paper protective slip thingys when you use a public toilet.


"Last call people!"

Saturday night I was hanging out with a few friends before the Steve Kimock show (outstanding thank you for asking!) I opted for orange juice while grabbing a bite instead of my usual drink (rum & coke tall, no lime). Afterward we were hanging out at Miguel's place and as the ever gracious host he asked if I wanted a drink. "Nah, I'm good thanks" I says without thinking about it.
"So whats up with this?" he inquires as he pours himself a 7 & 7 "I havent seen you have a drink since Asheville."
So I think about it. Yes, I believe he is correct. I haven't had an alcoholic beverage since December 29th. I remeber because I was tempted to chew on the ice that was in the Dark & Stormy but I had already been off ice for a few days.
"I dunno, nothing's 'up', just don't feel like having a drink"
Nothing more was said but his comment got me to thinking about my resolution and other things I could do to better myself. Now I'm not a big drinker by any stretch of the imagination. I rarely drink outside of social settings and when I do its even rarer that I would get myself to a condition where I shouldn't drive or try to get a frisbee out of a sewer. Yet I wondered... could I go an entire year without a drink? I'm sure I could if I really set my mind to it.
So I'm going to undertake a little project. I'm going to refrain from drinking. I'm not going to say for 'a year' because I don't want to feel like I failed if I decide to have one after a few months. The goal rather is to simply observe how hard it would be for me to obstain. I think knowing the answer to that question is where some benefits from this might come in. Afterall, its very easy to say "I don't have a problem with (insert vice here)" and never really examine yourself to see for sure.
Basically, if I end up saying "Wow, I really need a drink" in a few weeks, then that will be something for me to think about. If, on the other hand, It occures to me as I'm ringing in 2007 that I went the whole year without having even thought about alcohol then I can indeed confirm that drinking isn't an issue with me... at which point I'll get blitzed. Then perhaps, perhaps, I'll look into my other vices.
At any rate, I'll keep you posted.
p.s. 30 days no ice chewing and not nearly as hard as I thought.


Raise Your Hand If...

Raise your hand if you have ever purchased something that you saw advertised through spam.


Ten Ways in which I've Used My Blog

Think about it, unless the servers that host all of our blogs one day crash irreparably our thoughts, pictures, comments, etc which are snapshots to our day to day lives that rest in the pages of our blogs will be there for us to review whenever we want... even 40 years from now!
I find that very very cool. 40 years from now here are ten ways that I will see how I used my blog.

1- a comic relief outlet
2- a photography portfolio
3- preserving memories that otherwise would be lost
4- a personal ad (hi honey!)
5- self examination
6- meeting great friends
7- confessing my shortcomings
8- fulfilling my life long dream of being a game show host
9- a gambling parlor
10- simply sharing personal thoughts

Game Playdate Deemed 'Disrespectful' by Co-Creators

For those of you who participated in Tish's love life prediction from yesterday, you will be privately notified about the winner when there is one.
Until then there will be no more posts about it here or elsewhere. This was one of those ideas that was said outloud, got a roar of laughter at the concept and then BAM it was posted.
As #96 of my 100 Tidbits about Bricotrout confirms, I rarely think before I speak. This was one of those cases where I actually made it to the keyboard before my cranium kicked in.
For me, the temptation of being funny can supersede all other aspects of good thought at times. This was one of those times. This morning I looked at the post again and asked myself "Why is this up here?" Tish apparently was starting to wonder the same thing. While she did not ask me to remove the post, it was obvious we had come to the same conclusion about the lack of respect it showed to the other 'participant' seeing that he was never consulted.
Then as I sit here typing this I ponder: What would my reaction be if some guy in 12 years or so were to do a contest like this in regards to Aspen?
That would show even less class than someone who doesn't know her asking her to send him pictures of her boobies.
So to any of my readers or Tish's who felt the contest was in poor taste, you're absolutely right.
As the tagline says "All Things Rusty, Nutty and Rarely Worth Repeating"



According to the Lunesta (a prescription strength sleep aid) commercial I just watched, some of its "undesired side effects include headache, dizziness, and drowsiness"
Did you catch that?
I repeat, one of the the side effects is drowsiness.

You Guys! Seriously!

A few years ago as I was throwing away an ex roommate's bunch of junk that he 'left' me, I came across a CD by a group I had never heard of, Goose Creek Symphony. The liner notes looked interesting so I put it in and was instantly taken to a time and place I loved. I have never seen their music in stores or heard them on the radio. I went to Border's last week and ordered their debut album from 1970. I picked it up last night and it is just as mesmerizing as the first one I had come across.
These guys rarely travel out of their neck of the woods (Kentucky) so I had to take my music lovin ass to them. So last spring Miguel and I took a trip up the gorgeous Blue Ridge Highway (see these pics too) to the Wine Down The Music Trail festival. What a weekend that was!
I love the guitar work and vocal chorus toward the end of the tune.
Tell me what you think.



Eugene Jarecki wrote and directed a budget film called Why We Fight. Coming out soon.
Plain and simple friends... See.This.Movie!

A Ponderance

If you were alone on a deserted island for the rest of your life what would the first social norm be that you would 'break' now that 'society' consisted only of you?

Random & Rusty Thoughts

I have not chewed on a single bit of ice since I posted my resolution a week before Jan. 1st

I never got a response to the previous post from the subject person but I appreciate all your thoughts. edit: response was received

I'm afraid of posting a single word about my NFL team lest I anger the fates.

I still have visited next to noone's sites in several weeks. Nothing personal everybody, thanks for your patience.

I jogged for the first time last week since my stoopid kayak trick injury and made it 2 miles. I really had to dig deep.

I'm going to the doctor for my every-six-year-checkup in February.

I'm going out to see Audra and Addict (and hopefully Pirate) next month and Audra doesn't get to know the exact dates.

I just got HDTV cable service which comes with 40 commercial free digital radio stations. Very cool! And the picture quality is unreal. Just in time for the AFC championship game.

A few months ago I bought a VCR to DVD recorder and have just transfered all of mine and Aspen's childhood movies to DVD.

Aspen and I have been reading 'Meet Felicity' this last week and have been walking around talking to eachother in 1700 colonial accents all the time. Its ever so grande!

I have begun working on and preparing 'The Game pt 2' (similar somewhat yet notably different). Though I have no ideas yet for a prize.


Exposure Time

It's been almost a year that I've been blogging (March 10th). The Nut has metamorphosed many times over in those months. Several weeks ago I noticed that one of my oldest and cherished blog friends/links had delinked me. I was one of her first visitors, one of the first people she linked, and she was one of the first I linked. There was a cool connection there, from my vantage point anyway. I would comment on her site periodically and she would comment on mine from time to time.
Not too long ago it occurred to me that she hadn't commented at The Nut in a while. I checked out her site and observed that she had delinked me. I was really quite astonished. I was bothered because I couldn't for the life of me figure out why. Had my content changed to the point where she no longer found The Nut interesting? Had she been offended by something I said in a comment on her site? Was it an oversite during a reorganization phase of her blog? Was it intentional because she was now only linking a certain style of blog?
On the contrary, none of these easy explanations fit. The rest of her varied links seemed to remain. No comments of mine could I deem as potentially offensive or easily misconstrued. Her absence at my site and my removal from her sidebar was obviously intentional. If it had been almost ANY other blogger I wouldn't have given it a second thought. But in my mind she was on a similar plane to Kalani and Addict. Even though our communication outside the blog wasn't extensive there had been some. For some reason she wanted nothing more to do with me and I had/have no idea why.
So now most of you are thinking "Why don't you just ask her Brico?"
Well, I guess I just preferred to let sleeping dogs lie. I didn't see the need to stoke any fires. It was my issue, I'd get over it. Yet I still can't figure out what the cause of the 'separation' could have been. So it's curiosity. If I said something rude or otherwise offensive and there is a need for me to apologize I would like the chance to do so. Sometimes things get miscommunicated via type "thats one thing I hate about writing vs. verbal communication". I don't know if she still stops by here at all, but I do know she would realize it was to her I am referring if she saw this. So if you're there and you wouldn't mind satisfying my curiosity I would be most grateful. You know my email or feel free to comment here in the open.
And the reason I don't comment on your site any longer or email you this and the fact that I have de-linked you is out of respect. I can only assume my link to you or direct contact with me is no longer desired.
This wasn't an easy post for me at all.


Supplemental Post

My favorite blogger, Webmiztris, has posted something quite funny today. She and her husband are novice guitarists and very novice singers. They have each recorded a song from opposite points of view regarding being hit on and hitting on someone at a club scene. If youre bored you can download both songs and check them out. Which point of view do you relate to?

Raise Your Hand If...

Last time I did this I was pretty impressed with not just how many of you knew the answer but just how many of you were willing to reveal your age by admitting you knew the answer. So now that weve all admitted that were quickly approaching our golden years what do you say to a second round?
Raise your hand if you can name this tune (no fair peeking at others answers!) (OH, and no fair Googling the lyrics either!!!)
"...Kicking myself for nothing was my favorite sport. I had to get out and start enjoying 'cause life's too short."


Fears Friday Announcement!!

Fears Friday, the brainchild of Femi Mommy, is now located at Sissy B's where it will get the respect and devotion it so deserves. It never fully developed at The Nut due to miscommunication. I am pleased to say that it is ready to live and grow again!
You may not know Sissy B. You may not know Femi Mommy. You may not be familiar with Fears Friday. Sissy B would love to see you over at her place to participate no matter who you are. And the adorable and cherished Femi Mommy (still posting but deep in hiding) is now considering giving up blogging all together. Her repeated site moves has her questioning the whole thing. We must put this thought out of her head!
I ask that you, YES YOU, the one reading this right now! Whether youre on my links or an anonymous lurker or even someone who found your way here by Googling 'sperm donor catastrophies', I ask you right now to click the link to Sissy B's and participate in Fears Friday! Show Femi and Sissy that they are valued members of our community and that we love them and their writings. I thank you in advance. And a button for the new incarnation of Fears Friday is in the works. Look for it this week.

and dont forget to read the post below.


Is That Really What You Meant to Say?

Sticking with the "I can't believe I heard that right" theme lets review this statement by a state prosecutor a few days ago. Referring to a high school music teacher who had been found to have had a number of consensual sexual relationships with female students (age 14 - 16) over the last 8 years. This is a direct quote. I wrote it down word for word immediately.

"We're hoping there's other victims that we dont know about at this time that will come forward."

Really? You're hoping for THAT? Because, and maybe it's just me, I'm kinda hoping that there are no other victims at all.
Anyone? Anyone at all?


"I got ya right here!"

After I had to choke back tears upon learning of Richard Prayor's death last month, I wondered what other celebrities passing would/will effect me as deeply. I started coming up with a list of those who deaths would really ruin my week. As I started looking at the list I noticed something, the nature of their celebritism. So I wondered, what, if anything, does it say about a person, the people over whom you would shed tears when they exit this world?
This is the short list I came up with.
1- Steve Martin
2- Dalai Lama
3- Bill Cosby
4- Carlos Santana
5- Bill Murray
6- Jimmy Carter
Apparently the people who make me laugh, think and dance are those who have the greatest impact in my life. I also cried when Johnny Cash, Lucille Ball and Jerry Garcia left us.
I'm curious, which celebrities deaths will effect/have effected you the most?

I'm No Math Genious But...

... when I'm watching NBC Nightly News and the report states "Recent studies show that emergency care in this country is below average in half the states." I have to wonder what the big news story is here. Am I the only one? I'll wait for you to read that quote again... Anyone? Anyone? Come on Dawn, back me up here.


If You Post It They Will Come!!!

(and i think that was the first and only time you'll ever see me refer in any way to a Kevin Costner film!)

It was just a few days ago that I posted my relationship to and fondness for the band Soulive. Lo and Behold a few days later I do my weekly local concert check and what do I see? THATS RIGHT!! Soulive is coming to town! Last time they were here (Dec '04) it was only 2 days after Steve Kimock was in town. I have long pondered what I would do (aside from comitting hari kari) if both Steve and Soulive were to be in town on the same night at different venues. To this day I STILL don't know what my course of action would be... and I wake up in cold sweats every once in a while thinking about it. Two days is just too close for comfort, not to mention that I like to space the awesome shows out just a bit. Well this time the spacing is much better! Three weeks apart to be exact! You saw how excited I was about Kimock coming on Jan 21st (1 1/2 weeks folks!) Well now I am as giddy as Kalani in her tattoo shop with two shows on the waiting list! And no more cold sweats for at least another 9 months or so. I was getting nervous there! The fates could have been very cruel indeed but its officially time to get funked up!
Oh yeah, check out the ticket #! That's GOT TO BE a good sign!


Please Don't Take Tooth

Sunday morning Aspen agreed to let me pull her loose tooth that had been barely hanging on for some time. A bloody washcloth and a few mild tears later she was all agrin at the thought of the tooth fairy coming along tonight.
After placing the tooth under her pillow I tucked her in and kissed her goodnight. Thirty minutes later I went in to check on her (and to slip a few bucks under her pillow in replacement of the cuspid) when I noticed this note on her bedstand for the tooth fairy.
Of course, Mr. TF is exceptionally accomodating for a pixie type creature.


Rusty Brain Pickings 'cause it's Late

I am really lazy at this post. There's your warning. On yesterdays comments Katehopeeden mentioned the idea of there being a comment winner. I had thought of that and I do have a winner. JDHaze's quote for the pic was "Can you hear me now? Good!" That cracked me up pretty good so Thanks JDHaze for contributing.
Speaking of 'contributing', while I am always psyched to see 40some comments on a post I was a little disheartened to see that a picture of a contorted woman's crotch got 5 times the comments as my question about religion and politics from 2 days earlier. I mean, I am always grateful to see any interest that anyone might have in in my rusty and nutty thought processes period, but I would like to think that a question such as the one from Wednesday would have sparked a little more interest. I mean, the viewership was there according to my site meter.
Anyway, moving on... I bought 2 CD's today: Trey Anastasio - Shine and John Scofield - Uberjam. Two of my favorite guitarists. I'm about to partake while relaxing to the latter.
And finally, I have visited hardly noones' sites this last week. So if you have noticed my absence please don't take it personally.
Oh yeah! Today is Sentence Saturday at Duffs (on sidebar) please partake!
And Fears Friday is coming back!! I think things are getting straightened out about that. There should be a major announcement before next Friday. Yea!!!
Everyone have a good weekend.


Be Their Voice #1

Lets try this new series out for fun and see if it flies. It should be fairly self explanatory to our non-retardeedd viewers.
Simply take a look at the picture below and come up with whatever you think the person (or persons or even animals as the case may be in future pics) is thinking and leave it in the comments. If you have more than one idea then by all means come back and comment repeatedly.
Let our creativity fly!


Dale Pays Up (at last)!

My dear regular readers, it is time!! You have all been so patient. So have I for that matter. But Dale has finally come through! What's that? You have no idea what I'm talking about? Well, let me fill you in...
Three months ago Dale (a fellow CU Buffalo alum yet loathed Oakland Raider fan) proposed a bet on my site. One month before my Denver Broncos met up against his Oakland Raiders (one of the biggest rivalries in pro sports) Dale suggests that if my Broncos don't cover a 4 point spread win that I have to post a picture of me in a suit as well as two 3 ingredient vegetarian recipes. I counter the offer. I offer him and his Raiders a 13 point spread! If my Broncos win by less than 13 points I'll agree to post the pic and recipes. HOWEVER, if the Raders lose by more than 13 points then Dale in turn has to take a picture of himself in a Denver Broncos cheerleader outfit and post it on his site for an HNT submission within a week or two after the game. Well, on Sunday November 13th The Broncos won 31 to 17 (no surprise there on my end whatsoever)... that's a 14 point victory! And now its 2006... thats 2 months later! "Where's Dale's pic?" you ask. "I'm two months older and he has yet to pay up!" you say.
Well good news my friends! The time is at hand! (Fairly) true to his word, Dale has taken a pic and it is currently posted at his site. I say 'fairly' because it's not technically a cheerleader outfit. But I am willing to forego that minor detail because of his sheer enthusiasm and spirit that shines forth in his pose.
Thanks buddy. I'll give you a chance for revenge next season.

If you've gone to his site to see the pic and he hasn't posted it yet, you can see it here too, but please go back to his site and comment there when its time.


Raise Your Hand if...

Raise your hand if you would take offense to a federal Judge in your community placing a large monument of the EightFold Path in the rotunda of your city's Federal Courthouse.

*This has been a question going through my mind ever since Alabama Federal Judge Moore took upon himself the authority to place a large monument of the 10 Commandments in the main rotunda of his courthouse and refused to have it removed when it was rightfully found to be unconstitutional. As it was forcibly removed by the order of other federal judges there were large protest groups demanding that it remain in place. I have always wondered how those protesters would have reacted if that judge had been Buddhist rather than Christian. Would they be as adimant about his right to express his religious beliefs in a public courthouse if his hadn't coincided with their own beliefs? Or are they only concerned about his right to free expression when it is the same as the beliefs they themselves want to express?

p.s. please click the eightfold path link and read its brief description. keep in mind that it as well as Buddhism overall does not deal in any way with God or a higher power. it is a mere guideline to living a congruent and harmonious life and is not theist or speculative in nature at all. much in the same way that 'the golden rule' is neither religious nor reasonably debatable.


Oh Man Oh Man Oh Man!!!

I'm going to have to insist that while you are reading this post that you press the play button on that castpost above, the one next to the Buddha statue overlooking the sunset from Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia.
Did you press it? Give it a few seconds... Now turn it up... okay, go ahead and start reading.
That sound, dear readers, is Steve Kimock. I wont go into detail about how good he is or anything like that. You can listen and decide for yourself. But I will say that he is now and has been for 5 years my absolute favorite guitarist. His work is the soundtrack to this site. He comes around these parts about once a year. And on January 21st he is back!! As you can see by the ticket I officially have plans that night. If you need me you can find me at the very foot of the stage, high as a kite, earplugs in (I always wear earplugs at indoor shows... I value my hearing... then again what good is having decent hearing if your short term memory is long gone, right dear?) and grinning ear to ear. Anyone want to join me? Let me know ASAP and I'll grab you a ticket. His fanbase is growing so the shows sell out. But he still plays at the small venues and yucks it up with the fans who are diligent enough to stick around until he is done breaking down his own equipment.
Did you catch that? He sets up and breaks down his own stage... THAT'S a true artist!


Audra Quote #1

This first edition of the series is way overdo. Im sorry sweety but I simply couldn't turn a deaf ear to this one...

Audra: "Sometimes I wish cats could talk."
Brico: "You don't always wish cats could talk?"
Audra: "No, they would probably just yell at me alot."

Addict, please feel free to join me in this series.


A Very Happy New Year to Me!! (yeah, and you guys too)

As I mentioned just three posts ago, I collect rock art posters. Well, Thursday night I began ringing in the new year at the moe. concert in Asheville, NC. I saw the first of 3 shows that would be their 2005-2006 New Years bash series. It is ever so the jam band rage to put on a New Years gig(s). These usually stellar concerts are the must see shows by the dedicated fans. And the posters that are created for these shows can become the real collector items, particularly if the art work is well done.
Well lookie what I got!!
This is such a well done piece I can't even begin to tell you. This gem is signed and numbered by the artist, # 146 out of 400. Usually a lithograph is reprinted to about 1000 - 5000 depending on the popularity of the band. So 400 is a nice low number, making it all the more collectable (I do have a beautiful Dave Matthews litho signed and numbered at 200). This series was also embossed with the artist's logo. If this piece ever gets reordered for more printings it will not be signed or embossed. Nor is it likely that it would be a silkscreen, more probably a simple laser print, which means it wont have the texture or glitter to it. Another nicety that sets this piece apart is its size. A typical concert poster these days is sized at roughly 13" x 24". This stands at roughly 13" x 34". That sounds somewhat insignificant to a non-collector I'm sure, but the more a piece stands out in design or any other way will keep it being noticed on down the road over time. Now I just gotta find a frame that fits it. Click on the pic to see it in more detail!
Oh yeah, the show...
Some friends and I trucked up to cold-as-fuck Asheville, found our hotel then had dinner at a mexican restaurant (where I noticed a sign on the wall that read: Horje's Hot Sauce is now available for sale $4.95. Hence that post from 2 days ago), then we trudged 7 cold-as-fuck blocks to the venue. We managed to be about 10 feet from the stage for most of the show but then I needed some breathing room. Sadly the entire hall was packed elbow to elbow. Breathing room was a luxury that only those in their own bathroom stalls were going to find. The show was good, not stellar but good. 3 hours later when it was over we ventured down the now even coldER-than-fuck streets to a cool bar where we had Dark and Stormy's (2 oz Gosling's Dark rum 1 bottle Ginger beer 1 slice Lime and Ice) until last call.