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Awareness in Action are random mental blurbs that I deem worth sharing.
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Awareness in Action #5

So when a siberian tiger (a carnivorous wild predator) living at a family run animal sanctuary in Kansas mauls and subsequently kills a teenager posing with it, our response as a society is to kill the tiger after the fact?

There you go! "Take THAT tiger!" How about putting down the owner/handler who was supposed to be restraining him and invited the girl over to him for a picture? How about donating the endangered animal to a zoo with properly trained staff or releasing it into the wild?

I guess any other wild animals in captivity will think twice now before carrying out their natural instincts.

Meanwhile, in our justice system, the average time served for a murder conviction is less than ten years (for humans).

Awareness in Action # 4

In the opening scenario to the Simpsons Bart is staying after school writing on the chalkboard. Then he leaves when the schoolbell rings. Why does the schoolbell ring when the schoolday is already long over?

Awareness in Action # 3

Many states will pay for detox and rehab for alcoholics & addicts who cannot afford the costs themselves.
They will do this AFTER the person has had multiple DWI / DUI arrests and/or accidents.

Awareness in Action # 2

The space shuttle has a 20,000 item checkoff list in which all functions must be operating properly in order for a successful launch.
The odds of that occurring are spectacular.
Kind of like me on a first date.

Awareness in Action # 1

Drivers are more prone to pulling over and slowing down for a funeral procession than they are for a speeding siren-blaring ambulance.
Makes you wonder.