My Concert Tickets & Journals

The OCD and anal retentive part of me managed to safely guard nearly all of the concert tix from my youth to present day. Now that the technology is here I have preserved them forever and share them and some interesting anectdotes from the ones I can recall. If you have any memories from any of these bands in concert (or even the same show!) please leave comments. Enjoy!

Lost Forever

There are 2 tickets that are not pictured: My first concert was Johnny Cash in, I think, 1978 in Lincoln, NE. Sure wish I still had that one but since I was 10 at the time, I forgive myself.
The second concert I attended was the great Cheap Trick in 1980 at The Air Force Academy Sports Center. This was a monumental show for me. Rick Neilson slapped my hand as he passed by where I was standing as the band headed on stage! My evening was already made. It got only better at the end of the night when a roadie tossed me one of Bun E. Carlos' busted drum sticks. I do NOT forgive myself for not saving this ticket.
One on One tour.

Pretenders / Simple Minds

Sat Aug. 25th 1984 Red Rocks, CO
This was before Chrissie Hynde married Jim Kerr of Simple Minds and before Breakfast Club hit the theatres (Dont You Forget about Me). The first tour after James Honeyman Scott had died and Pete Farndon was kicked out. Wish I had seen the original lineup.
Learning to Crawl tour

U2 / Red Riders

Sunday March 17, 1985 Mcnichols Denver, CO

"One mile is not high enough. Were going up and were never coming down! 11 O'clock Tick Tock!" were Bono's opening words. A stellar show. I eventually got a hold of a boot of this show and you can hear me yelling 'Gloria' repeatedly in the not so distance. Years later a friend handed me the very flag of Ireland that bono had grabbed from a fan and draped around himself during Amazing Grace. When he threw it back into the audience she grabbed it. She kept it hidden from me for years thinking I was the one who had made it and was going to demand it back. I have since passed it on to another friend. It was St. Patricks Day too!

Unforgettable Fire tour

The Alarm

Sunday March 23, 1986 Denver, CO
We waited all day out in the parking lot for the general admission seating. Near the end of the show a friend and I approached the stage, waited for our moment, then rushed it. She got caught and pulled back. I managed to get on stage and dance around like a dummy for 20 seconds before I was 'escorted' out. I quickly walked back to the front doors, explained to the doorman that i had just stepped out because I was feeling sick. Unaware of my shenanigans, he let me in and I watched the rest of the show being careful to avoid the eyes of those who, moments before, had thrown me out.
Strength tour

The Cure

Monday July 20, 1987 Red Rocks,CO

A friend and I camped overnight outside the grounds in order to get good seating. A long hot day in the dirt parking lots.

A sad note: My cat, Foxxy, of 14 years died the same night as the concert. I internalized a lot of emotion that I was not there at the time.

Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me tour


Sat Nov 14, 1987 L.A., CA
My first concert at college and FINALLY a chance to see R.E.M. I was set to see them 2 years earlier during the Fables of the Reconstruction tour but was gounded for stupid teen behavior. I snuck in a recorder for this show and tried to get a boot but the quality was so terrible I erased it right away.
Document tour

U2 / Pretenders / Steve Jones

Tues Nov 17, 1987 L.A., CA
The first time I was seeing a band for the second time, in fact I was seeing 2 bands for the second time. Oddly enough these two bands were just inagurated together into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this year. The Pretenders had changed their lineup again and Johnny Marr from the recently defunct Smiths was their guitarist. Seeing Steve Jones of the Sex Pistols was also a bonus. Some of the Rattle and Hum footage was shot during this show as I understand.
Joshua Tree tour

Love & Rockets / Janes Addiction

Sat Dec 5, 1987 L.A., CA
Went to this show with no tickets. Was disheartened to see MANY other goths roaming the area looking for entry. Anna and I were extremely fortunate to be chosen by a promoter who was entering the show to be the ones she was going to get in with her 2 extras. Good seats too!! I had no idea who the opening band was, they struck me as just another extreme L.A. garage band with little musical talent. This was 9 months before Nothings Shocking was released. My oppinion changed at that point. L & R was outstanding.
Earth, Sun, Moon tour

Echo & The Bunnymen

Fri March 25, 1988 SDSU, CA
Their last tour before Ian Mcullough left the band (I understand he eventually came back)
self titled tour

The Church / Peter Murphy / Tom Verlain

Fri Aug 12, 1988 San Diego,CA
I was very excited for this show. I dont remember Peter Murphy that much for some unfortunate reason. I remember Tom Verlain even though I didnt know who he was at the time.
Starfish tour (Church)
Deep tour (P.M.)

Love & Rockets / Godfathers

Fri July 2, 1989 Irvine Meadows, CA

This L & R show was quite a disapointment compared to the year before. An outdoor lawn venue in the middle of summer was NOT the right setting for these guys. Their fame had caught up with them. 2 shows of monumental proportions were to take place at this theatre in coming years. Keep scrolling down.

So Alive tour

Mary's Danish

Sat March 3, 1989 Riverside,CA

Was dragged to this show by two friends who knew of this band. After seeing the live performance in a tiny joint I was sold! You may have never heard of these guys but with the 2 female power singers, these guys brought down the house. Too bad they didnt last longer. If you get the chance to hear their debut album, DO IT!

There Goes the Wondertruck tour

The Alarm

Sat Nov 18, 1989 UC Riverside,CA
These guys had already seen their peak by this time. The show 3 years earlier was imeasurably better. I had no drive to get on the stage this time.
Raw tour

Janes Addiction / 247 Spyz

Fri Nov 2, 1990 San Diego,CA
This time I was going to appreciate the band! Had 2 years to let their style grow on me. The memorable moment on this evening was seeing this guy being dragged away from the mosh pit to the back. As he was screaming in pain the medics cut away his pant leg. Me and all the others standing around nearly vomitted as his compound leg fracture was revealed. For one moment we were all thinking 'dude, shut up and be a guy!' the next were thinking 'dude, i would be screaming SO much louder than you!' and 'so THATS what cartlidge looks like'
Ritual de lo Habitual tour

The Untouchables

Fri July 8, 1988 San Juan, CA

A great ska band. I have absolutely no recolection of this show. The Coach House was a great place to see bands. youll see more shows at this venue if you keep scrolling.

? tour

Jazz Butcher / Alex Chilton

Fri July 1, 1988 San Juan,CA
Again with The Coach House. Great band to see.
? tour

The fixx

Fri May 5, 1989 Redlands, CA

This was a show at my university. I worked stage crew for this show. This was shortly before they disbanded.

? tour

The Pixies / Bob Mould / X

Fri Oct 27, 1989 Hollywood,CA
I went to show for Bob Mould. Most of my friends went for The Pixies who I wasnt that into. This is true story!!... During Mould's show I noticed that toward the back of the arena John Doe of X was sticking his head out this side door looking around. On a hunch, while The Pixies were playing, I waited by that same door. Sure enough Bob stuck his head to see the scene. I told him 'great show' but what caught his attention was that I mentioned I was bummed that he didnt play 'sinners and their repentences' (the only song off his solo album that he didnt play). He was pleased that I mentioned one of his songs rather than any number of Husker Du tunes that he should have played. He opened the door wider and said with a smile 'come here' He grabbed an acoustic guitar of his and did a quick impromptu version with noone else around of that very song for me. After he was done he thanked me for the support and said he had to get going. Obviously this was a show to be remembered for me!
Workbook tour

Jazz Butcher

Sun Dec 10, 1989 San Juan, CA
Hard for me to distinguish between this show and the one from a year earlier after all this time. If you dont know who The Jazz Butcher is, think of Jonathan Richman, who was the interlude singer/guitarist in Something About Mary, and add a good band. Thats what you get.
Big Planet, Scary Planet tour

Jesus & Mary Chain / Nine Inch Nails

Fri Feb 2, 1990 San Diego,CA
I was so excited for this show, and curious to see what kind of band would dare open for such a unique sound. This was weeks before NIN released their first album. I was never more disappointed in a band. So much show, so much noise, so little melody are harmony or decent rhythm, just awful noise. And when the keyboardist kicked over his keyboards and the guitarist smashed his guitar, the music kept going uninterrupted. What a farce!
The album that J & MC was promoting is still in my top ten albums of all time list.
Darklands tour

Psychedlic Furrs / Mary's Danish / Agent Orange

Fri May 6,1990 Redlands, CA
Another show at my Alma Mater that I was a stage hand for. If you dont remember, The Furrs had their brief stint of radio play with the title track to John Hugh's film Pretty in Pink. I was never into these guys but as you now know, I WAS into M.D. and loved Agent Orange.
? tour

Something Happens

Wed June 20,1990 Hollywood,CA
A roomate had come back from a year in Ireland and swore this band was going to be the next big thing. Not wanting to pass up the chance to see the next U2 in a small joint I went. Yawn. It was cool to see the place where the doors got their start though. This was also (as I understand it) the venue where Van Halen played their first show with Sammy as the frontman.
Stuck Together with God's Glue tour

Lloyd Cole

Sat July 21, 1990 Hollywood,CA
His first tour without the commotions. How I wish I could have seen his original band. Kind of a boring show.
self titled tour

Billy Bragg

Mon Oct 1, 1990 Long Beach,CA
A long evening of socialist ranting with the occasional mod tune interspersed. Crowd of only about 150
? tour

Dead Can Dance

Fri Nov 30,1990 L.A.,CA
Probably the most awe inspiring show to date. Entering the theatre the stage was littered with instruments from around the world. I knew that none of the show was going to be prerecorded or 'phoned in'. Every moment of this evening was a lesson in what music was supposed to be like. I was long a fan of their music and URGE anyone to check these guys out! But this live show opened my eyes. Listen to them here.
Aion tour

Cocteau Twins / Lush

Thur Dec 6,1990 L.A.,CA
Another 4AD band in 1 week. How funny that The Twins are so closely alligned with DCD (see previous post) by their fans yet how polar opposite they are in performance style and quality. Nearly all prerecorded. Lush was better to watch.
Heaven or Las Vegas tour

The Replacements

Sat Jan 19, 1991 Redlands,CA
The ticket says 'rain or shine' right! i promise that these guys in their drunken states (shortly before then band finally disbanding) would NOT have gone out in the rain.
Another show I had the privelage of being on stage crew for. Very glad I got to see these guys perform their tunes. They will be in the rock and roll hall of fame some day. If you dont think they made a contribution, listen to Tim and tell me it doesnt sound like Nirvana shortly before Nevermind.
Dont Tell a Soul tour

Bob Mould

Sat Feb 16,1991 L.A.,CA
This was amazing! McCabes Guitar shop is a legendary place to see a show, and for good reason. The capacity for their back room stage area is about 125 people. I was # 75 apparently. Bob just sat on a stool and played some 2 hours of acoustic tunes while everyone sat in fold out chairs. Absolutley amazing!
Black Sheets of Rain tour

Cocteau Twins / Galaxie 500

Mon March 18,1991 L.A.,CA
In hindsight I could have saved the $ for this show. I had just seen C.T. some weeks earlier and wasnt overly impressed. I did like Galaxie 500.
Heaven or Las Vegas tour

Lollapoalooza 1991

I went to this show for one primary reason: Siouxsie & the Banshees! I also enjoyed Janes Addiction. Also performing on this first tour (basically the mother of all monster tours that you see so commonly today) were Rollins Band, NIN, Ice-T, Living Colour and Butthole Surfers. I am proud to say I was at the first tour.

Oingo Boingo

Fri Nov 1,1991 L.A.,CA
And this is the 2nd great reason that Irvine Meadows is special to me. At this point in their career Boingo had reduced their touring to 2 shows a year: Haloween (my B-day) and Day of the Dead (Nov 1st). And what an outstanding show! The seats werent great but the performance and music sure as hell were! This may have been the last year (therefor, last performance???) that they did this before breaking up for good. If you dont know Boingo then you dont know Danny Elfman. He is now a Grammy Award winning composer. He has done far too many Hollywood soudtracks to list. My favorite is The Simpsons theme song. Long live The Elf!
not a tour

Toad the Wet Sprocket / Gin Blossoms

Wed Sept 16, 1992 Boulder,CO
Look at me! I'm back in Colorado! My first show in my native land in many years!
This was a funny show. The joint was only half filled for Toad. A brand new band was opening up. They kicked serious musical ass. Everyone went from putting up with this no name band to putting down their drinks and dancing to them. The singer had to keep repeating the bands name because we couldnt understand it (it was not a household name yet). The response they got from the crowd was one of the most positive I had seen. And nobody was even there for them! Oh, Toad was good too.
Pale tour (TWWS)
New Miserable Experience tour (GB)

Primus / Sonic Youth / Mudhoney / Pavement

Mon Sept 21, 1992 Red Rocks,CO
Back to The Rocks. This is the single best place to see a show (my opinion - but its right).
Funny to think this would now be a reunion tour with ticket costs upwards of $50. The times they are a changed.

U2 / Sugar Cubes / Public Enemy

Wed Oct 21, 1992 Denver, CO
I am grateful I got to see a show at the old and original mile high stadium. Too bad it was u@ was WAY to big for themselves. Their stage show and lighting was far too overdone and elaborate. I dont remember the Sugar Cubes sadly, but I do remember being really impressed with Public Enemy.
Achtung Baby tour

Jake Johannsen

Fri Oct 23, 1992 Boulder,CO
Not a concert but a very funny comedian. Good night of laughs. If you watch Comedy Central long enough like I do you can still see him do a guest appearance every once and awhile.

Gin Blossoms

Mon May 3, 1993 Boulder, CO
Remeber the little quip about this band about 5 tickets ago? This time, after the album had inundated the airwaves like none other in recent memories, the place (the very same place) was packed to the gills! Another stellar night of music though. Too bad Alot of us were already growing sick of them thanks to shortsighted radio play.
New Miserable Experience tour

H.O.R.D.E. Festival

Sat July 3, 1993 Red Rocks, CO
Blues Traveler, Widespread Panic, Big Head Todd & the Monsters, The Samples, Colonel Bruce Hampton & The Aquuarium Rescue Unit
The first HORDE tour. I actually worked this show the night before as well so there isn't a ticket for that. In fact I had just begun working Red Rocks, McNichols Arena (now gone) and THE ORIGINAL Mile High Stadium (now gone) as a vendor so there are many shows I was at that I never got tickets for so they wont be addressed here I guess.
All the bands performed quite well. This was a new kind of festival for the new hippie-ism that was emerging and the scene was really agreeable unlike a lot of shows from my past where the general concert goer attitude was 'me not you'
An interesting note about this show: A true Blues Traveler fan knows that every 4th of July weekend they play at Red Rocks (except 2 years in a row when Popper was ill and when Bobby Sheehan died). This was the start of that tradition. I've managed to catch about 6 of these over the years and they are always stellar shows. In fact The Air Up Here video is a tribute to their 4th shows and their quality.
This is also where I was introduced to WSP (aka WP) and my journey down that trail is now set in stone!

Neil Young Blind Melon

Wed Sept 1, 1993 Denver,CO
How pissed off was I at my girlfriend for making us late and missing all but the last half song of Blind Melon?!!!!
But DAMN does Neil Young know how to jam!!
Harvest Moon tour

Big Head Todd and The Monsters

Tues Oct 29, 1993 Boulder,CO
This was the band's first local show (maybe first show period) after their big label debut release, Sister Sweetly, in their home town. hard tickets to get but SO worth it. in my humble oppinion Todd Park Mohr is THE most underated guitarist today. most of you have probably never heard of them/him yet he can play any clapton song ver batem like it aint no thang. plus, their albums are chalked full of great tunes. check them out or read the reviews of this album if you think i make this up!
Sister Sweetly tour

Joshua Redman Quartet w/ Pat Metheny

Fri Oct 22, 1993 Boulder, CO
While Redman's band was outstanding groove based jazz, I was there to see Metheny. elbows right up on the stage just feet away from his stool (sitting stool you idiots!)
debut album tour

Dead Can Dance

Thur Nov 4, 1993 Denver,CO
Just as spectacular as the first time i saw them.
word of wisdom for you all: if you ever see this band live, PLEASE consider it not like a rock concert but like an opera or symphony and shut the hell up!! some people are so oblivious and inconsiderate to others at times it is mind boggling
Toward the Within tour

Blues Traveler / Sheryl Crow

Sat Oct 15, 1994 Univ of Minn
I hade been back in the country for only 2 days (notice the big gap in dates there?) i didnt know the opening act so my friend who i was staying who got the tickets played 'all i wanna do' for me and i was ill. it was the number one song in the U.S. at the time and i was ready to leave the country again! all I wanted to do was not have to sit through that song at the show. so we went late and caught just her last song, and you guessed it, that was the one i had to sit through. she has since redeemed herself. i like much of her work but still hate that particular tune.
BT played Crystal Flame with Popper on classic acoustic guitar and i was absolutely dumfounded at how good he was. why doesnt he pick up that instrument more often?!
Four tour

His Holiness

Sun June 1, 1997 Denver,CO
This guy kicked ass! of course i joke.
i was back in the country again (notice the even longer gap) and what a treat to get back in time for this once in a lifetime opportunity. managed to convince my mother to share this experience with me. shes a bit of a cynic (as am i) but still was fairly impressed i think.
a light show and quadrophonic sound that would put Pink Floyd to shame ;)

Blues Traveler

Thurs July 3, 1997 Red Rocks, CO
To be honest, all the BT shows at Red Rocks blur together for me now. As I said earlier, BT makes this an annual show which is just stellar with the fireworks throughout all of Denver visible from our high mountain perch.
Staright on till Morning tour

Dave Matthews, Tim Reynolds / Bare Naked Ladies

Sun July 13, 1997 Winter Park, CO
A long trek for this one. but OH so worth it for the atmosphere! Barenaked Ladies, of whom at the time I was not familiar, were hysterical! Their improv music skills are unrivaled! Coming down the mountain was a giant water pipe servicing the slopes I guess. There was a guard standing on top of it to keep non paying concert goers from getting in. The BNL did an entire rap on this guy that was to die for! If you were close enough to him you could see he was not happy about having attention drawn to him and was doing his best to ignore it, but when the entire audiance is staring at youand pointing its a hard feat to pretend you dont notice.
And very cool to see to acoustic mellow versions of DMB songs.

Furthur Festival

Sun July 27, 1997 Denver, CO
The Other Ones, Moe., Hot Tuna, Bruce Hornsby, Rat Dog
I was in Honduras when Jerry left us (how I learned about that is a story for another day). I'm back in the states now and this is what The Grateful Dead have dwindled down to. It was hard to see them but 2 good things came out of it: I learned of Moe. and Steve Kimock (who stood in for Jerry on this tour) at this show. Steve has since become my first and foremost favorite guitarist.

Freddy Jones Band

Wed Feb 11, 1998 Colorado Springs, CO
I dont care what the ticket says! Make no mistake: I was NOT there to see Sister Hazel! Freddy Jones is an awesome little known contemporary folk/jam band. S.H. blows hard!!

Furthur Festival 1998

Sun July 19, 1998 Denver, CO
The Other Ones, Black Crowes, Arlo Guthrie, et al
WOW! A slow year for me! This was much like the last one. Glad to finally see Black Crowes.

Dave Matthews Band

Fri July 30, 1999 Charlotte, NC
Awww, I moved again! I actually saw DMB at Red Rocks in July 1997 right after (maybe it was beofre) BT. Don't know what happened to that ticket. I'll look for it! This is nothing short of a tight well refined and rehearsed group of musicians with extraordinary talent! The went through a slump there in song writing but they always put on a good show!
Before These Crowded Streets tour

Phil Lesh Allman Brothers Band

Sat August 4, 2001 Charlotte, NC
Im getting old in my forgetful age. Another ticket that seems to be hiding. Damn! I saw Phil a year earlier at a different venue in Charlotte. This show was unspeakably better! The Brothers jammed so well it was tearful! Lawn seats, in my book its the only way to go see a jam band. I gotta dance! I gotta be free man!

String Cheese Incident

Fri April 18, 2003 Ashville, NC
A town much like Boulder in many respects. A perfect setting for this awesome band. I had actually seen them twice before at the Charlotte City Fest in 1999 and 2001 but they didnt really give out tickets for that festivity so you will have to take my word for it. While on the subject, I also got to see The Black Crowes, Widespread Panic, Bob Dylan, Leftover Salmon, Disco Biscuits, Bush, Bruce Hornsby and some others at this annual fest.
I digress, went to show with miguel who didnt enjoy the evening that much for some reason. Why do I even bother? Honestly!
Inside, Outside tour