Here's the deal: If it's Friday - Wednesday, take a picture of your flesh. If it's Thursday, post that picture on your site then put a link to it on Osbasso's homepage by commenting on his Thursday post. Then watch the Nekkid madness ensue!

Welcome to my HNT page.

Let the Nekkidness commence...

HNT #15 ??-??-?? "HEY! Knock it off! That tickles!"

"OOOH. Now I LIKE THAT kind of tickle!"
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HNT #14 12-15-05 "Hey Rocky, watch me pull a..."

A Request HNT from Stephanie from two months ago.
Sorry it took so long to get this up for you.

HNT #13 12-8-05 Missing my Honey

My honey has been gone for a few weeks now. It was time to take matters into my own hands. Click on the pic for more details!
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HNT #12 11-01-05 The Way I Saw Things

Visit her site to see the way she saw things (if you dare)
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HNT #11 10-27-05 The Lone Blogger?

A fiery horse with the speed of light, a cloud of dust and a hearty
"Hi Yo Silver!"
Everybody have a happy and half nekkid Halloween!
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HNT #9 10-20-05 What Goes Down Must Come Up

And apparently the inverse is true for one's reputation.
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Happy HNT ever'body!

HNT #8 10-13-05 Proud Member of the Mile High Club

Hey Raiders fans: You want your pride served to you over easy or sunny side up?
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Happy HNT ever'body!

HNT #7 10-6-05 10,000 Times the Force of Gravity!

"So, Heather decided to do pull the ole 'leave behind' eh? Guess I should call her."
An idea inspired by the fantasies of Blondie. Thanks doll!
Hopefully Daughter will step up just as much in her post. I am so ready for it!
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BTW the last 2 weeks my HNT pics were viewers suggestions. If you have a suggestion for my next HNT that doesnt involve me buying costumes or holding anything 'disturbing' go ahead and let me know. Its all about viewer participation at the Rusty Nut. Enjoy

HNT #6 9-29-05 "I'm spritzing"

Wash, Dry, Press, Fold, Spritz $2.75
Ready in 2 minutes
"I got your Ancient Chinese Secret right here!"
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The idea for this pic came from Kalani and her Friday is my Monday post. Always willing to please babe. Always willing to please. I got you right here! *pounds heart with fist*

HNT #5 9-22-05 Let Your Love Light Shine

This HNT Submission was my personal choice favorite for 2005 and was reposted as such December 29th 2005. All orange text was added for the end of the year reposting.
This was the HNT pic that both opened my eyes to the possibilities that were available with Osbasso's idea and that got me truly into the spirit of things. If you look at my first four HNT pics it is obvious what changed with this one.
A funny story: I usually post my HNT pic for the upcoming week that previous Sunday on My HNT Page, this pic having been no exception. The HNTer extraordinare whom I now refer to as Femom (you all know her work) saw this pic early and brought to my attention that I had inadvertently pressed my boys up to the lava lamp and they were quite visible. Upon realizing that I was showing a bit too much for my own comfort level, I retook the pic and changed it out before anyone further saw it.
If you click on the asterisk underneath the haloscan comment link you will see all the original comments including hers (the second one after Kalani's). And 'NO' the original pic of this will not be reposted.
Another funny thing worth mentioning about this pic: You can see *my mother's daughter*'s comment signaling that this pic indeed got her full attention. Subsequently, you can see Addict's comment where she attempts (and fails) to keep her daughter from in turn trying to get my attention. So it is no exaggeration to say this lava lamp HNT pic directly led to this HNT pic as well as this one a few months later. So, how could this NOT be my personal favorite?
Thanks Os! And I'll see the rest of you next year.

"Lava come down soft and hot.
You better lava me now or lava me not!
Now I don't know,
I don't know,
I don't know where I'm a gonna go
when the volcano blow!"
J. Buffett
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Happy Half Nekkid Thursday!

HNT #4 9-15-05 Keen's & Coke

Rum & Coke tall. Hold the lime! When a rum & coke is garnished with a lime it is called a Cuba Libre. I didn't ask for a Cuba Libre. I don't like lime. Having to clarify that I want my Rum & Coke with no lime is like saying you want "Vodka & Tonic on the rocks with ice". Or your "Whiskey straight up with no ice". Or that you want your "Scotch & Water double with 2 shots"...
Where do they find these bartenders?
Anyway, Happy HNT ever'body!

HNT #3 9-8-05 Size 10 1/2 Wide

for all your 2000 parts

HNT #2 9-29-05 Squeeky Clean

I'm reminded of the scene from Starsky & Hutch...
"By the way, guys, those are hand towels. The full size towels are on the top shelf."

bonus HNT to never be posted

HNT #1 9-22-05 Disc Golf Anyone?

it is not a chinese character (though it does closely resemble peace) Posted by Picasa