Do Not Make Eye Contact!

the circle of life is not always a pretty one. at times the carnage of a predator/prey scenario being carried out can be so gruesome that even marlin perkins was known to get queezy.

"its teeth are like.... its claws can... it can leap about... LOOK AT THE BONES!!!"Posted by Hello

Best Game Ever

5ive straight was created in the late '60's by a couple of guys who have refused to sell their genius out to the milton bradleys and hasbros of the world. so you wont find it on your target and wal mart shelves. all funding for manufacturing as well as the marketing, selling and shipping is done within their family unit. its fairly priced, easy to learn, and as they warn on their instructions: highly addictive. if youre a game player you will want to add this one to your collection. ive yet to introduce someone to it who doesnt thoroughly enjoy it. testimonials? anyone? Posted by Hello


Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign

the signs below (and above) have been slowly deteriorating (or becoming photogenic in my opinion) in their same vertical locations for close to 100 years. this was the second time i had stopped by this old supply store with my camera. this time i was approached by the owner and given the once over by the not so welcoming greatest generationer. the building was built by his grandfather and he is quite protective of it. once i convinced him i was not a professional photographer he let me alone. he muttered something about his store having appeared in numerous national catalogs without his permission and that pictures of his property are now copyrighted. for those who know me it was all i could do to not take 2 steps back onto the public street and continue my work while laughing at him to learn the law, but i dug deep and managed to find that trace of civility and thanked him for 'allowing' me to take pictures of his precious brick work. Posted by Hello

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im not sure if i want to know what 'slag' is, and how 'basic' slag is different than 'premium' or 'prime rated' slag  Posted by Hello


the gauntlet is thrown: what form of vegetation will these seeds yield? Posted by Hello

whats missing in this picture? oh yes! the woman in the french maid outfit to put these to use! Posted by Hello

THIS is how you spend a sunday morning!

when you have THIS just a stones throw from your front door, you have it all! Posted by Hello

a friend accepts a challenge and pulls it off. Posted by Hello

Macro Day: Fuzzy

for a clearer picture see aspen's art Posted by Hello


Macro Day: Art

I guess it's art. I'm sure that's what Charlotte would call it. Posted by Hello

a pessimist would say: the glass must not be empty Posted by Hello

Supplying the Masses

above: an old family run supply store outside Nowhere, NC below: an old family run supply store on the edge of Last Stop, Honduras. Funny how similar we really are. Posted by Hello

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SERIES: My Perspectives

Welcome to some of the views that take up several minutes of my life during every 24 hour period. some of them stressful, some of them anticipated, some of them forgetful. All of them destined to be repeated tomorrow barring a winning lottery ticket or horrific car accident. Even then, one or two of these will still be in my immediate future.

c'mon starter, c'mon! Posted by Hello

"mom! theres nothing to eat!" wait, i live alone. "nevermind!" Posted by Hello

c'mon me, c'mon! Posted by Hello

c'mon water pressure, c'mon! Posted by Hello

c'mon sandman, c'mon! Posted by Hello

c'mon DSL c'mon! Posted by Hello


One who suffers from A.D.D. will never have to endure psychosematic illnesses... for very long. "Here, take two of these and you wont think to call me in the morning"


all work and no play...

'come play with me' was the message that eminated from his silent blank stare. then he simply dissapeared. Posted by Hello

bi-level loading bays?

i guess i need the logic of this one explained to me. no wonder it was closed down. Posted by Hello

got petrol?

notice that the meter only goes into the single dollar digit. Posted by Hello

any guesses? Posted by Hello