The Reasons I Didn't Post Today Page

For some reason I have felt the need to explain, defend, excuse myself to you all for my having the occasional lapse in posting consistency.
From that need comes this page: A list of my reasons why I have slacked off at any given time. Please feel free to borrow any excuse you feel will get you out of some undesirable situation in either the cyber or real world. Doing so will somehow further ligitimize my having slacked in the first place.
As always... Enjoy!

Reason for not Posting Today

Warts have spread from other regions to finger tips. Typing very painful.

Why I Didn't Post Today #5

Chi energy dangerously misaligned. Emergency adjustments in progress.

Why I Didn't Post Today #4

Shortage of gas. Prices sky high. Must conserve.

Why I didn't Post Today #3

I couldn't get around to posting today...
there is a hair on my body ( i dont want to scare away any of my valued and cherished female, and gay male {cause im cool with that}, readers so i wont say where exactly the hair is) that i am bound and determined to reach with the tweezers. until then i dont feel comfortable posting. if the tweezer doesnt work, the front left burner on the stove might. ill keep you informed.
thanks for stopping by though!

Why I didn't Post Today #2

Was WAY too busy being a couch potato storm tracker

Why I didn't Post Today #1

Sorry I haven't posted here in a few days, but I have misplaced my nail clippers and I've been searching for them like mad. I have to find them before things get out of hand.
Thanks for your understanding, be back soon.