mighty fine paint job opie, mighty fine!

in the south its pronounced 'far' Posted by Hello


location, location, location Posted by Hello

a baseball bat target waiting to happen Posted by Hello

office of congressional ethical conduct review

hours of operation is on a need to know basis only Posted by Hello


the 4 noble views

any subliminal christian symbolism is purely unintentional Posted by Hello

parts is parts

im outa ideas on this one: YOU come up with an interesting caption. Posted by Hello

boars nest, next right

an off the beaten path diner; try the lamb fries! Posted by Hello

rusty nuts

is that your valve stem or are you glad to see my site? Posted by Hello

were a eatin tonite!

hey ma! i think i saw dinner scurryin' on inside. fetch the hammer! Posted by Hello


may the frogs be with you

darth kermit's breathing aparatus Posted by Hello

RAM tough?

my old heap has a first name, its C-H-E-V-Y Posted by Hello

Get Bent!

i have stepped on 3 of these in my day. it has now become second nature to step OVER any board i might see on the ground. picture a dry erase board to my life that says : 5,475 days without stepping on a nail. Posted by Hello


a roll in the perverbial hay

still trying to get that farmers daughter up here... Posted by Hello

but first, the wining and dining

...but i cant seem to get her away from here Posted by Hello

x-mas rust

john deere is getting on in years Posted by Hello

rough harvest

the wheel is turning and you cant slow down. you cant let go and you cant hold on. you can go back and you cant stand still. if the thunder dont get you then the lightning will. Posted by Hello



...you wouldnt understand (okay, girlonaglide might) THAT was a fun weekend! Posted by Hello

...3-4 better lock the door

i chose NOT to poke my head in the busted window 'round the side. Posted by Hello

should have put on a 4th coat

wheres tom sawyer when you needs him? Posted by Hello

dixi cola $0.16

never heard of it, must be from up north somewheres Posted by Hello

weatherproof siding

my other home was condemned Posted by Hello

health inspection rating: 27

i reckon as long as its cold, i dont care WHATS floating in itPosted by Hello