Halfway done with this ride we call 'life'.
Time to start the annual colon exams.
Time to take care of the joints and focus on low impact exercise.
Time to stop looking at the 22 year old hotties and thinking 'mmmmm'.
Time to focus on retirement funds.
Time to stop watching Family Guy religuously.
Time to get life insurance.

Time to get to bed... it's 9:30 already.


One of you has run one of the most pathetic campaign's in recent U.S. history. Your opponent has significantly less experience than you. Your opponent has spent close to 7 times as much as you on his campaign. Your opponent has had some significant uphill battles to climb regarding prejudices (regrettably). He has run probably the most brilliant campaigns in the last 100 yrs and unarguably is the darling of the 'liberal' press.
Thanks to how the current President has destroyed your party, by all accounts you should have been washed up in this race 3 months ago. Yet, you remain only a few points down in key states.
Here's the thing: There are enough undecided voters out there to put you over the top this Tuesday.
But you're not talking to them!!
You go from campaign stop to campaign stop spouting off the same old rhetoric and soundbites that gets your fans to cheer for you and boo your opponent but completely fails to address those thoughtful and cautious would-be voters who you need in order to win the office which you seek.
Who is running your campaign? Why on earth do you feel it is better to continue to placate to your base?
You already have their votes!!
Figure out why the undecideds have yet to make up their minds for once! They are not being swayed by the months of your name calling and half-truths. If they haven't moved to your opponent's side yet then they are obviously giving you a chance to sway them to your political philosophy.
So, why do you insist on believing they will buy your rhetoric if they hear it just one more time?!
I am a fan of democracy. I want every citizen to have their vote. And I want each voter to be educated on the issues and know the candidates in detail. You're insulting the populace by assuming the undecideds can't handle a real discussion on where you stand on the issues or you don't have any real platforms and you're trying to fool everyone else.
Please, for the good of yourself, the country and for the well being of democracy itself:
Stop the meaningless 10 second soundbites and talk in detail about how you will do things differently than the current administration and your opponent!
How you will pay for the tax cuts you propose?
Why is it economically sound to give tax cuts to those you propose?
How will you encourage energy companies and auto manufacturers to increase the availability and usage of renewable fuels?
What will you do to build back the U.S.'s standing in the world community's eyes?
Why do you still think the invasion of Iraq was the right thing to do even though we now realize all the reasons we had been given were entirely fabricated?
Answer these questions honestly and candidly and you might win over the undecided voters rather than turning them off.



Six days to go until Sean Hannety and Rush Limbaugh can stop defending the way things have been going and can start complaining about the way things are going.
They must be so excited.



I wanted to post a few more pics than this but the reception I am leaching off of is inconsiderately 'iffy' so this is all I could get up tonight (yeah, laugh it up Hound!).
The snow from Wednesday has melted and Aspen is left to wonder when a real snow is gonna fall.
I turn 40 next week. I was disheartened when I turned 20 and 30.
Now... I could give a shit. I relaize now I feel just as young and healthy as I did when I was 30. I think I look only a few days older so what the hell does a number have to do with anything?



Yesterday Sarah Palin was quoted as saying...
"We believe that the best of America is not all in Washington, D.C. We believe that the best of America is in these small towns that we get to visit, and in these wonderful little pockets of what I call the real America, being here with all of you hard-working, very patriotic, pro-America areas of this great nation. This is where we find the kindness and the goodness and the courage of everyday Americans: those who are running our factories and teaching our kids and growing our food and are fighting our wars for us, those who are protecting us in uniform, those who are protecting the virtues of freedom.”

There are large pockets of a 'fake' America?
With people who don't work hard?
With people who aren't patriotic?
With people who are anti-America?
Where you do not find goodness nor courage?
Where the factories are run by no one?
Where there are no teachers in the schools?
Where there are no farms?
Where no one volunteers for the military?

I've never visited, lived in or even driven through that fake America.
And I've lived in Maine, California, Colorado, Nebraska, North and South Carolina, Missouri and Minnesota.
I wonder where this other America is.

Please: Stop the divise and pointless dribble and focus on real issues on the campaign trail.
It's beyond pathetic already



I could post about how good the new David Gilmour: Live in Gdansk cd is... (good).
I could post about how the new McCain attempt to paint Obama as a socialist for his 'distribution of wealth' comment, is nothing but a distraction from real issues seeing that McCain's plan of lowering taxes for the rich is exactly the same thing: 'A redistribution of wealth'! (but some of you dissapear for 26 days at a time when I talk politics).
I could post some details about the new job... 'yawn'!
I could post about Aspen and my mom working together on her Halloween costume (I'll wait until it's done and there are pics).
Instead, I'll just post another pic from yesterday... Mom and Aspen enjoying a canyon view on an autumn afternoon.



I got some good pics today at a state park junkette with a digital camera under $250 (the same one I've had for over a year). I would LOVE to have a digital camera (8.0 mp) that runs about $700. Man! The shots I could get with that SLR!
Anyhoo, I'll post a few pics over the next week from the last week. Fall is my favorite time of year and Colorado is my favorite place to spend it! Sure, I miss the crisp temps of the cooling South Carolina lakes in October but nothing beats the color of a rocky mtn. foliage!
Week one of job orientation is done. Only three more to go. I'm liking it so far and the advancement oportunities and benefits are great. I look forward to the future.
BTW, I'm sorry I haven't stopped by anyone's site in years. I miss my old blog buds who are in hiding: Sissy, Addict, OCL, Dawn, Hound, Red, Doc, Fyrchick, Tiff, Chrisea, et al. Hope you're all well!
p.s. Do I look well? I've lost 25 lbs since my diet. Would love to gain at least ten back.



Started the new job this week. We have one month of job orientation. That's four fricken weeks! The next president elect will be done with their job training before I am.
I'm in a group of 13 who seem like a good bunch of folks. Look forward to working with them and ratting them out when it benefits my job security or possibility of job advancement.

I am in sales for the time being but should be able to move into the graphic design department in short order.

The bonus is that work, Aspen's school, our pad and my mom's place are all within 2 miles of eachother. How convenient!

Aspen is beside herself waiting for the first snow. She has rarely seen it and can NOT wait for it to fall. She will want to stay home from school just to play in it for once.



Recently McCain supporters have loudly expressed extreme anger, dismay, frustration, disbelief, shock and horror at the possibility of Obama becoming the next President.
Really? Horror? Seriously?
Does anyone actually and honestly believe that an Obama administration will be more dangerous to our standing in the world and leave our country in more disarray than the current administration?
I mean, Obama has his shortcomings and probably won't be much more effective at getting us out of Iraq or turning around our economy than any of the 16 parties/candidates on the national ballot, but...
More dangerous than Bush/Cheney?
Come on!!!



1- Voting Republican will only reward the party in power for their attrocities over the last eight years. If another Republican is elected into office now, what will they think they can get away with this time without consequence?!!
2- There are 15 other parties (candidates) on the national ballot this year besides the ones you can name off the top of your head.
3- Does your candidate have a truly clean bill of health and a likelihood to live through his/her elected period?
4- If you answered 'no' to question 3, is your candidate's running mate really capable of running a country?
5- Is being an expert in seductive winking a useful skill in foreign policy negotiations?
6- Is your candidate looking forward to "putting the topic of this financial crisis aside" as far as a topic on the campaign trail so they can continue with character bashing their oponent?
7- Does your candidate offer a massive tax reduction for the top 2% of the U.S. populace but not the middle class?
8- Does your candidate think it is more important to know how to vote yes to a 'surge' or how to vote no to an illegal war?
9- Now that our country's reputation has taken a heavy hit (putting it mildly) across the globe, which candidate has a better chance of being trusted and welcomed into meetings with world leaders?
10- Does your partie's ticket rhyme with 'Insane*Failin'?



It's a good sign that after a job interview is over and you are being shown the door that the interviewer continues to explain the training process in depth... isn't it? By this time tomorrow I should know whether or not Aspen and I can eat something other than bread and butter for dinner or if I will be a statistic to be used in the next presidential debate.
Oh, Aspen was brainstorming what we could be for Halloween this year... she figured I could be Count Dorkula.