You Guys! Seriously!

A few years ago as I was throwing away an ex roommate's bunch of junk that he 'left' me, I came across a CD by a group I had never heard of, Goose Creek Symphony. The liner notes looked interesting so I put it in and was instantly taken to a time and place I loved. I have never seen their music in stores or heard them on the radio. I went to Border's last week and ordered their debut album from 1970. I picked it up last night and it is just as mesmerizing as the first one I had come across.
These guys rarely travel out of their neck of the woods (Kentucky) so I had to take my music lovin ass to them. So last spring Miguel and I took a trip up the gorgeous Blue Ridge Highway (see these pics too) to the Wine Down The Music Trail festival. What a weekend that was!
I love the guitar work and vocal chorus toward the end of the tune.
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