Game Playdate Deemed 'Disrespectful' by Co-Creators

For those of you who participated in Tish's love life prediction from yesterday, you will be privately notified about the winner when there is one.
Until then there will be no more posts about it here or elsewhere. This was one of those ideas that was said outloud, got a roar of laughter at the concept and then BAM it was posted.
As #96 of my 100 Tidbits about Bricotrout confirms, I rarely think before I speak. This was one of those cases where I actually made it to the keyboard before my cranium kicked in.
For me, the temptation of being funny can supersede all other aspects of good thought at times. This was one of those times. This morning I looked at the post again and asked myself "Why is this up here?" Tish apparently was starting to wonder the same thing. While she did not ask me to remove the post, it was obvious we had come to the same conclusion about the lack of respect it showed to the other 'participant' seeing that he was never consulted.
Then as I sit here typing this I ponder: What would my reaction be if some guy in 12 years or so were to do a contest like this in regards to Aspen?
That would show even less class than someone who doesn't know her asking her to send him pictures of her boobies.
So to any of my readers or Tish's who felt the contest was in poor taste, you're absolutely right.
As the tagline says "All Things Rusty, Nutty and Rarely Worth Repeating"