Random & Rusty Thoughts

I have not chewed on a single bit of ice since I posted my resolution a week before Jan. 1st

I never got a response to the previous post from the subject person but I appreciate all your thoughts. edit: response was received

I'm afraid of posting a single word about my NFL team lest I anger the fates.

I still have visited next to noone's sites in several weeks. Nothing personal everybody, thanks for your patience.

I jogged for the first time last week since my stoopid kayak trick injury and made it 2 miles. I really had to dig deep.

I'm going to the doctor for my every-six-year-checkup in February.

I'm going out to see Audra and Addict (and hopefully Pirate) next month and Audra doesn't get to know the exact dates.

I just got HDTV cable service which comes with 40 commercial free digital radio stations. Very cool! And the picture quality is unreal. Just in time for the AFC championship game.

A few months ago I bought a VCR to DVD recorder and have just transfered all of mine and Aspen's childhood movies to DVD.

Aspen and I have been reading 'Meet Felicity' this last week and have been walking around talking to eachother in 1700 colonial accents all the time. Its ever so grande!

I have begun working on and preparing 'The Game pt 2' (similar somewhat yet notably different). Though I have no ideas yet for a prize.