Fears Friday Announcement!!

Fears Friday, the brainchild of Femi Mommy, is now located at Sissy B's where it will get the respect and devotion it so deserves. It never fully developed at The Nut due to miscommunication. I am pleased to say that it is ready to live and grow again!
You may not know Sissy B. You may not know Femi Mommy. You may not be familiar with Fears Friday. Sissy B would love to see you over at her place to participate no matter who you are. And the adorable and cherished Femi Mommy (still posting but deep in hiding) is now considering giving up blogging all together. Her repeated site moves has her questioning the whole thing. We must put this thought out of her head!
I ask that you, YES YOU, the one reading this right now! Whether youre on my links or an anonymous lurker or even someone who found your way here by Googling 'sperm donor catastrophies', I ask you right now to click the link to Sissy B's and participate in Fears Friday! Show Femi and Sissy that they are valued members of our community and that we love them and their writings. I thank you in advance. And a button for the new incarnation of Fears Friday is in the works. Look for it this week.

and dont forget to read the post below.