Exposure Time

It's been almost a year that I've been blogging (March 10th). The Nut has metamorphosed many times over in those months. Several weeks ago I noticed that one of my oldest and cherished blog friends/links had delinked me. I was one of her first visitors, one of the first people she linked, and she was one of the first I linked. There was a cool connection there, from my vantage point anyway. I would comment on her site periodically and she would comment on mine from time to time.
Not too long ago it occurred to me that she hadn't commented at The Nut in a while. I checked out her site and observed that she had delinked me. I was really quite astonished. I was bothered because I couldn't for the life of me figure out why. Had my content changed to the point where she no longer found The Nut interesting? Had she been offended by something I said in a comment on her site? Was it an oversite during a reorganization phase of her blog? Was it intentional because she was now only linking a certain style of blog?
On the contrary, none of these easy explanations fit. The rest of her varied links seemed to remain. No comments of mine could I deem as potentially offensive or easily misconstrued. Her absence at my site and my removal from her sidebar was obviously intentional. If it had been almost ANY other blogger I wouldn't have given it a second thought. But in my mind she was on a similar plane to Kalani and Addict. Even though our communication outside the blog wasn't extensive there had been some. For some reason she wanted nothing more to do with me and I had/have no idea why.
So now most of you are thinking "Why don't you just ask her Brico?"
Well, I guess I just preferred to let sleeping dogs lie. I didn't see the need to stoke any fires. It was my issue, I'd get over it. Yet I still can't figure out what the cause of the 'separation' could have been. So it's curiosity. If I said something rude or otherwise offensive and there is a need for me to apologize I would like the chance to do so. Sometimes things get miscommunicated via type "thats one thing I hate about writing vs. verbal communication". I don't know if she still stops by here at all, but I do know she would realize it was to her I am referring if she saw this. So if you're there and you wouldn't mind satisfying my curiosity I would be most grateful. You know my email or feel free to comment here in the open.
And the reason I don't comment on your site any longer or email you this and the fact that I have de-linked you is out of respect. I can only assume my link to you or direct contact with me is no longer desired.
This wasn't an easy post for me at all.