Sunday, my first Sunday in quite some time without parental duties, saw Miguel and I heading up to some bike trails surrounding the new state of the art whitewater training facility outside of town.

After biking a grueling 9 miles (Miguel's tire flattened in the last 1/2 mile and he had to walk it out), we had lunch at the restaurant and enjoyed the atmosphere.

This place, see diagram, is pretty cool. There apparently is only one other one like it in the world (down under I hear). This drawing doesn't do the place justice. And I won't even go into the quality of eye candy adorning the surroundings!

Later on in the evening I took one of the kayaks out on the lake (see photo - that's where bricotrout resides) for sunset rituals. Water is very warm right now!

Then I came home and went straight to sleep.

See how boring I am!
sidenote: that's a pretty good pic for a cell phone i must say!

sidenote2: on the headphones i am listening to springsteen's new live in dublin with the sessions band cd. the same band he did the seeger sessions cd with. if you have not heard that yet i strongly recomend it. a 5 star cd in my book. and im not even a big bruce fan for that matter.