In my ponderings on life and our purpose in it over the years I have long concluded that the most important task one can undertake in this world is parenting. I have never been able to think of a mission that is more important or more vital to be done 'correctly' than raising a child.

When young I heard the song 'Teach Your Children' by C,S,N&Y and didn't get it. In the midst of all the topics that rock & roll covered, the topic of raising a child seemed... out of place.

Of course, after becoming a teacher myself in the early 90's I began to see the vitality of teaching properly and raising offspring whole heartedly.

Now I can visualize two worlds, one in which parents take their obligations seriously and one in which they don't. And to this day I fail to see anything that can be more devastating to our planet and the societies that inhabit it than a populace that was never taught compassion, respect, patience, honesty, and selflessness.

As a result of these 'findings' I have refused to fail or even get a mere 'passing' grade in what I believe is the greatest and most important endeavour I shall ever set out on.

Fatherhood has taught me more than I could ever have foreseen. I recently tried to picture my life today if I had never been blessed with my child. One word that would describe it would be 'aimless'. While it may be hyperbole to say 'fatherhood saved my lfe' it is completely accurate to say 'fatherhood has given my life direction, passion, guidance, focus, meaning, and more pleasure than my own private caribean island'.

I am happier, more sincere, more comfortable, in better health, wiser, and 'wealthier' than a lifetime of higher learning, a gym membership and hardwork could ever have made me.

So it is with no lack of pride that I say "Happy Father's Day to me!"