This week President Bush received subpoenas from the House and Senate requesting documents on the firings of several U.S. attorneys last year.
What do you think The President's response was on Thursday?
Did he?
A) Tell his staff to organize and collect the relevant documents and have them immediately sent to the proper authorities in a timely manner?

B) Come to the podium and confess that the eight Attorneys General firings were indeed of a political (and illegal) motive and appologize to the American People for his and his staff's unethical behavior?

C) Ask Roberto Gonzalez to tender his resignation so that the entire matter could be put to rest and the Justice Department could move back to it's important business?
D) Announce that he was going to blatantly defy the subpoenas, in effect telling The House and Senate (and American people) that it once again feels it is above the law and has no interest in participating in the Constitutional system of checks and balances?
The answer: Tune in tomorrow (if your brainless ass didn't already figure it out)