I am not where I should be...

Do you ever get the feeling you were meant for great things but somehow you just missed the boat altogether? As Pink Floyd says "No one told you when to run, you missed the starting gun"
This has been coming more and more to the forefront of my mind as the years count down. No longer a little voice in the back of my head, now it's a jackhammer at my temple spelling this out in Morse Code.
Being content in life is a great asset unless it hinders one's ambitions. I have no ambitions (all things parenthood aside).
Mentally: I want to not laugh at every Dennis Miller joke, not because I don't get his references but because he sucks.
Physically: I want to not have back pain; I want to be able to run a marathon; I want to not get winded after a quickie.
Spiritually: I want to be able to meditate and stay focused on the moment for 5 minutes without my mind wandering; I want to not fear.
Financially: I want to have savings that will actually cover an emergency or a period of unemployment; I want to have more zero's in the ROTH IRA's; I want to have not already gotten to that highest rung at work.

What will I say when I look at this post a year from now?