One of you has run one of the most pathetic campaign's in recent U.S. history. Your opponent has significantly less experience than you. Your opponent has spent close to 7 times as much as you on his campaign. Your opponent has had some significant uphill battles to climb regarding prejudices (regrettably). He has run probably the most brilliant campaigns in the last 100 yrs and unarguably is the darling of the 'liberal' press.
Thanks to how the current President has destroyed your party, by all accounts you should have been washed up in this race 3 months ago. Yet, you remain only a few points down in key states.
Here's the thing: There are enough undecided voters out there to put you over the top this Tuesday.
But you're not talking to them!!
You go from campaign stop to campaign stop spouting off the same old rhetoric and soundbites that gets your fans to cheer for you and boo your opponent but completely fails to address those thoughtful and cautious would-be voters who you need in order to win the office which you seek.
Who is running your campaign? Why on earth do you feel it is better to continue to placate to your base?
You already have their votes!!
Figure out why the undecideds have yet to make up their minds for once! They are not being swayed by the months of your name calling and half-truths. If they haven't moved to your opponent's side yet then they are obviously giving you a chance to sway them to your political philosophy.
So, why do you insist on believing they will buy your rhetoric if they hear it just one more time?!
I am a fan of democracy. I want every citizen to have their vote. And I want each voter to be educated on the issues and know the candidates in detail. You're insulting the populace by assuming the undecideds can't handle a real discussion on where you stand on the issues or you don't have any real platforms and you're trying to fool everyone else.
Please, for the good of yourself, the country and for the well being of democracy itself:
Stop the meaningless 10 second soundbites and talk in detail about how you will do things differently than the current administration and your opponent!
How you will pay for the tax cuts you propose?
Why is it economically sound to give tax cuts to those you propose?
How will you encourage energy companies and auto manufacturers to increase the availability and usage of renewable fuels?
What will you do to build back the U.S.'s standing in the world community's eyes?
Why do you still think the invasion of Iraq was the right thing to do even though we now realize all the reasons we had been given were entirely fabricated?
Answer these questions honestly and candidly and you might win over the undecided voters rather than turning them off.