I got some good pics today at a state park junkette with a digital camera under $250 (the same one I've had for over a year). I would LOVE to have a digital camera (8.0 mp) that runs about $700. Man! The shots I could get with that SLR!
Anyhoo, I'll post a few pics over the next week from the last week. Fall is my favorite time of year and Colorado is my favorite place to spend it! Sure, I miss the crisp temps of the cooling South Carolina lakes in October but nothing beats the color of a rocky mtn. foliage!
Week one of job orientation is done. Only three more to go. I'm liking it so far and the advancement oportunities and benefits are great. I look forward to the future.
BTW, I'm sorry I haven't stopped by anyone's site in years. I miss my old blog buds who are in hiding: Sissy, Addict, OCL, Dawn, Hound, Red, Doc, Fyrchick, Tiff, Chrisea, et al. Hope you're all well!
p.s. Do I look well? I've lost 25 lbs since my diet. Would love to gain at least ten back.