For the last four years, up until I moved out west (and why Colorado is considered 'west' when geographically it is clearly in the center of the U.S., that's a post for another day) I have had a bathrobe hanging on the back of my bathroom door (because... where else do you hang a bathrobe?).
It was a gift from mom. I do not use bathrobes. I never have. I'm not sure that I have ever put this rather nice and cush robe on. By now it's certainly got some pretty decent hanger nipples going on.

So when I packed up to head out 'west', I did my best to get rid of stuff that I knew I never used or didn't need.

But as I said, this was a gift. From mom. Must hang on to gifts. And now that I am pretty much all unpacked and settled into the new place that same grey and blue plush bathrobe hangs on the back of the bathroom door of my new place (because... where else do you hang a bathrobe?).

Looks good though. Matches the blue decor of the room.