Slacker? Excuse me if leaching off of unsecured internet hotspots (until I get my own account) is spotty at best!
I know it's been a week since I posted but unpacking boxes isnt exactly blogging gold.
Aspen loves her new school and says her teacher is the best she has ever had. When asked about how it is she gives a beaming and enthusiastic 'awesome!' which clearly is coming fromt her heart. That is more comforting than anything at this point.
Comforting to Aspen is the fact that her school doesn't believe in homework at this age. Just some math work that doesn't get done in class. She is ecstatic. She is also psyched to be joining in cross country and choir for after school programs.
As for me, the boxes are mostly unpacked, though I can't find a few key things (my Aspen Edge beer mug)! I finally got Maria up and running. And here is where I learned something: When transporting a dry cell battery (the kind of battery for small vehicles in which you have to add the acid by hand to the individual cells) from one elevation to another, the battery will in all likelihood... die. And that is what indeed happened. So I had to spring for a new battery but now she is purring like a gato. Of course, this morning in Colorado Springs it was 41 degrees. Hence, riding season may just about be over here. At least insurance is significantly cheaper in CO than SC.
I'll post some pics of the new place shortly. Maybe I should work on becoming employed first. What do you say, Maria?