1- How come my ears have hair growing on them but the palm of my hand has never had hair grow on it?
2- Is my getting severe calf cramps in the middle of the night something I have to put up with from here on out?
3- Now that my daughter suffers from 'that time of the month', is having 3 bags of supply under the cupboard sufficient or should it be more like 8?
4- Will congress extend the COBRA subsody bill in time and if not will they retroact it from the previous cutoff date when they eventually do?
5- Why do so many benders Google search 'Keith Urban Gay' and come to this post of mine? (of course it's photoshopped 'anon' you twit!! hes got titts for christ's sake!!)
6- When will Rush Limbaugh die?
7- When will Sean Hannity die?
8- Would they eventually name me a national hero if I killed, dismembered, buried then burned the bodies of Rush and Sean?
9- Is Michael Buble cool or just a hack?
10- Should I have just one more rum & coke before I turn in or two more and a Tylenol PM?