Last night Miguel and I were finally able to use our front row tix that we had been sitting on for close to 2 months.

When I posted that we had secured such pristine seats I got a strange comment from someone known as 'anonymous'.

"i'm so glad you and Miguel have kissed and made up...and hopefully you will find a lifetime of happiness together...no one seems to make you happier than Miguel...well Miguel and a bunch of aged drug addicts that won't put on a show worth a buck!"

S/he was obviously bitter that I had a male friend. Furthermore s/he exhibited complete ignorance on the subject of good music.

Obviously 'good music' is subjective. And the best people to give an opinion about what constitutes good music are musicians themselves. I guess that would be why Warren Haynes and Derek Trucks are widely considered by their peers as two of the best guitarists playing today. Fans of good music seem to agree. That's why last night's show was all but sold out.

As for the ever courageous 'anonymous' 's assault on the aged: well that's just sad. I hope your grandparent's aren't around to hear you speak ill of their generation. As for your speaking ill of hippies: hey, if they rub you the wrong way then keep going to your Madonna, Linkin Park and Brittney concerts and you shouldn't have to worry about running into our ilk anymore. As for your attack on drug addicts: Fact: Every member of The Allman Brother's have been clean and sober for over 4 years. In fact, they kicked out Dickie Betts,one of the original members, a few years ago because he could not get sober.

In summary 'annonymous' if you have a need to spread ignorance and negativity, there is no welcome mat at The Nut for you. Consider one's blog like a home, if you're going to invite yourself in, use some manners with the host and the other guests.

As for everyone else: I bought my camera at the right time! Here are a few of the pics I managed to take.

The show was as good as expected, and aside from the douchbags who tried to sneak in behind us and sit in our seats as we were standing, everything was mellow and as it should be.

ps. Whoever invented 10.1 mega pixel cameras at an affordable price gets a big ol' hug and kiss from me! This new toy is awesome! I can completely and effortlessly manipulate the shutter speed and aperture for low light conditions such as these. It also takes great video. I managed to record all of 'Soulshine' but the file is too big for YouTube.