Thats right! Aspen is now a big sister.
What's that? Ha! Don't even try to congratulate me!
Her mom gave birth this morning to a baby girl. 8 lbs ?oz.
Want to know the funny thing? Okay, get your calculator out.
You ready? Look at this post. See the date on that? That was 9 months and 15 days ago.
Some of us sure work fast don't we? I mean, I sure envy someone who can look at a person and evaluate a relationship so quickly that they know within just a few short days that they want to have a child with someone. Afterall, this is the 5th time she has been absolutely positive that the man she is with is with whom she wants to start a family and spend the rest of her life.
I truly envy that. We should all be so blessed that we can just "know" right off the bat each and every time. Wouldn't that be nice? Plus she's lucky as all git out! How many of us have been looking high and low for a soulmate for ever and a day now? She's found five of them! FIVE!
And by age 37 too! No fair!