A SHORT STORY *chapter 2*

I'm a low stress kinda guy. I like my life simple and uncomplicated. I usually manage that pretty well. However there is one factor of my life that keeps me from having things quite as smooth as I would prefer. And that would be my ex. Sure sure, we all have them and most of you are saying 'Brico, dear, don't go down that path. I can tell you some stories about my ex that will make your ex stories pale in comparison!' And I say 'Yeah? Wanna bet? Unless you were once married to a habitual lying, bi polar, manic depressive, self serving, delusional, do nothing, adulterer who suffers from histrionic personality disorder then sit.your.ass.down!' You got nothing on me.For starters, go back and read this if you want to be filled in. Okay, you still with me? I need to fill you in on the goings ons since that time.
After living in her own apartment for several months (which Autum's step daddy had been paying for, as well as all her bills, car and gas and cell phone) Autum's mommy convinced Autum's stepdaddy to take her back in. She was unable to find a job and was quite dependent on a man, any man, to pay her bills and be her provider. Besides that, she was adamant that she was sorry for the affair and that she would get counseling for her issues and be a much better wife from here on out. Autum's stepdaddy believed her. So Autumn and her mommy moved out of the apartment and back into the house that Autumn knew and loved.
Of course things around the house were stressful. Autumn's stepdad was wary of his wife's lies and had a hard time believing her when she said she was going out with 'friends'. This lead to many fights because Autumn's mommy didn't appreciate not being trusted. Finally, this last weekend, Autumn's mommy wanted to leave for the weekend to go on a retreat sponsored by her support group. However, Autumn's step daddy was smart and, unbeknownst to her, had installed a GPS locator in her car so he could see where it was going. And with that he caught her having yet another affair (that's 2 within 6 months).
Autumn's stepdaddy called Autumn's daddy right away to let him know that daddy would want to watch Autumn all week since he planned on kicking Autumn's mommy out on her ass with no apartment or car or cell phone this time. Autumn's daddy sighed. Autumn's daddy grinned, Autumn's daddy shook his head sadly. But Autumn's daddy didn't cry because he was all cried out from the last time he had to tell his beloved little girl that she would be losing one of her homes and half her family. Now Autumn's daddy has to tell her all this all over again.
Autumn's daddy was very angry at her mommy for being so selfish, immature, self centered, hypocritical, and deceitful the last time she had an affair. Now he is even madder at her mommy for failing to get her act together and take parenting seriously. Autumn's daddy is now scared too. He knows he will be all alone in paying for day care, insurance, clothes and everything else. He will be responsible for taking Autumn to all her activities (horse lessons, girl scouts, etc). And he will be responsible for making sure that Autumn grows up as a strong, independent, right minded woman even though she never had that as a roll model from her own mother.

Let's hope that things look a little brighter in chapter 3 of this story.