2006 saw me enter my most serious relationship since my marriage of 5 years ago. The woman I'm in love with is patient, considerate, understanding, calm, generous, reliable, intelligent, hot, insatiable, and a great cook! Did I leave anything out? Did I mention her physical assets?
2006 saw me get a new and my most special tat ever. That's all thanks to Addict.
2006 saw me get full custody of my daughter after a year of stressful confrontations and legal scenarios. That alone made my decade.
2006 saw me become a boat owner... hopefully for life.
Those are 4 ginormous positives in my life in the last year!
I try to think of anything that I could put in here to balance that out a bit... the yin to the yang if you will.
I can't think of anything. At all. The Allman Brothers didn't come to town in 2006. That kinda blew. Nicole Kidman got married. That seriously blew! But she married an addict/alchy so I can take comfort in that she will be available again before too long. My back is seriously killing me this morning but I guess that has to count against 2007 rather than last year. Damn how I miss 2006!
What could possibly go right in my life to make it even better than 2006?
Hmmm, I could win the lottery (17,7,69,30,36,8,98); figure out an easy solution to the middle east problems (there's a chemical in popsicles made with gypsy blessed Hungarian mineral water that when ingested by radical extremists of any faith their senses are suddenly awakened to the benefits of pacifism); and I could be become enlightened while meditating to the lyrics of songs ("wait a minute!!! all.we.are.is.dust.in.the.wind! yes! of course! it all makes sense now!!")
But those numbers already worked for me in a keeno game many years ago when I was trying it for fun and didn't bet on it (true story! $1 would have paid $1000!); popsicles melt within seconds of being in the middle eastern sun; and I've meditated on those lyrics day in and day out for 20 years and I aint getting anywhere!
Moving on to resolutions...
Last year in this post I made a resolution and have kept it! Success! I even made a second resolution to not partake of the herb for a while. Again, success! Now that the year has passed I ponder whether or not to break out the stash and see what I've been missing. No hurry though. I'm good where I'm at. I did make another resolution to not drink spirits for one year to see if I could do it. Then... I bought the boat. I knew that that resolution was out the window as soon as she broke water. I forgive myself on that one.
This year, my resolution is to do 5 minutes of back exercises every.frickin.day. I do alot of sitting in my line of work and need to keep certain muscles strengthened in order to keep from pulling a muscle or pinching a nerve during simple mundane activity.
I would say that love making would count as exercise but I know Tish would say "And what will you do for exercise for the other 3 minutes each day honey?"
Ahem, she's such a kidder.
Anyway, as we did here last year, please share with us what YOUR new year's resolution is for 2007.
And good luck!