Miguel surprised me by grabbing me a ticket for this show tonight. I'm looking forward to awesome renditions of Deacon Blue and Bodisahtva. Maybe Mcdonald will play a tune or two from his Doobie days!
And check this out! Hornsby is playing at a small formal theatre downtown tomorrow night! I'm taking Aspen to that shit! Last time I saw Hornsby he let people come up on stage and dance right next to him. The whole time I thought "Man, Aspen would love this!" And tomorrow night she will!
Speaking of Aspen, look for chapter 3 in the Autumn saga in about a week. It doesn't look like it's going to be any happier unfortunately. But that's for another time. Tonight, it's about good music and relaxation for awhile so I can prepare for the mass amounts of stress and headache coming my way.