*FRIDAY* 'Just a Coincidence' Survey

This story here was probably the most jaw dropping thing that ever happened to me. I orriginally posted it some months ago but only 3 of youns read it. I bring it up now because I am reminded of the three or four times in my life when I ran into somebody by complete coincidence hundreds if not thousands of miles from where I last saw them. Probably most of you have run into an old roomate or friend or one night stand at some completely random place years since when you last had seen them.
But wouldn't logic tell you that for every old friend you happen to run into at that out of the way restaraunt when you both just happened to be there at the same time that there were 20 that you just missed running into by an hour or so?
That boggles my mind. That maybe I have not only just missed running into Anna Tarvyd or Lucie Spencer (old college flames that surely would have led to quickies at the nearest pay-by-the-hour hotel) but that maybe I have sat down at some bar in the last few years right next to YOU and of course we didn't even recognize eachother back then.
Damn, Dawn where are you? I need a smoke man. I'm tripping balls!
Anyway, before I leave this plane of existance altogether, I had a point to all this...

What is the biggest coincidence you've ever had in your life?