As I have been searching for a new job I have had the benefit of doing a few 'practice' interviews.
Well, they weren't technically supposed to be 'practice'. In fact they were pretty decent jobs that I would have loved to take a shot at and woulda been quite successful at.
And I nailed a few of these interviews too, nevertheless I received the 'were pursuing other candidates' letters.
This has offered me the opportunity to reflect at where I might have slipped up in the question/answer scenario and to change my approach to selling myself to my potential future employer.
So far this list is all I could come up with in trying to uncover what I may have said that failed to convince the interviewer I was the ideal candidate for the job. I know it's not much, certainly not enough to get my resume tossed into the 'no thank you ' pile.

1-Does your company offer a complimentary 12 step program?
2-How do the babes rank in this joint?
3-Is there gonna be an issue if I wear the same underwear every day? I got this superstition about it.
4-What's your policy regarding On-the-job gambling?
5-How often do you conduct annual reviews?
6-So when do I start?
7-How much do you rake in asking me all these personal questions?
8-What's the record for the shortest amount of time someone's worked here?
9-Does the company health insurance cover domestic abuse?
10-How much longer is all this gonna take anyway? I mean, this is just a formality right?