I remember being glued to the devastation on T.V. of the tsunami footage.
There was video footage of that disaster that awed even the great James Cameron.
Footage of an earthquake is not so captivating. It's either of stuff falling off grocery store shelves or swinging ceiling lights in a news room.
It's the after footage of earthquakes that's more... 'remarkable'? And usually that is best caught in stills rather than video.
So now I'll be mesmerized for days to come of our earth's power and the futility of our efforts to harness/combat it.
Aspen and I will sit together and watch the footage. She'll see the stray homeless wandering dog with a broken leg and be heartbroken. I'll see a father cradling his dead child and do my best to not look away as I hold onto her a little tighter.
Then she'll come up with some idea as to how to help these people and animals 1/4th of the world away. And I will do my best to add my ideas to hers to make it more feasible while still trying to make it sound like it was really her idea.
Then I'll post the summation of that idea on The Nut and look to you all as inspiration to ensure I see it through and not drop the ball.

Then I'll be forced to pour myself another strong one as I accidentally hear snippets of Hannity, Beck and Rush blame the earthquake on Obama.
"Come on guys! I thought he wasn't God! Make up your mind!"