It's been one solid year since our last post here at The Nut. Many things have changed (our outlook on life) and many have stayed the same (our underwear).

So what better way for us to start things back up here than by going to an old classic...

A Ten Things List.

So here we go:

Ten Things That Happened Over The Last Year

1- Aspen started... that woman thing (if I ever end up missing, it's cause she found this post)

2- Got a new car (yup, the beloved Jeep is gone)

3- Increased the workout regiment

4- The dog got herself a pet cat

5- The cat got itself a pet fish

6- Aspen now scores in the 96th percentile for her age in national standardized testing

7- Aspen won a citizenship award at school

8- Miguel (you remember him?) got married

9- Friendships have steadily solidified ( :-P + )

10- Aspen's brother, Ed, enlisted in the reserve, qualified for special forces and was promoted to E3 ranking faster than his superiors remember anyone having done before.

It wasn't the most exciting year. Nobody really missed anything by us taking a break here for a year. This year already looks to be a bit more exciting.

My company is closing it's Colorado Springs doors at the end of March so it would certainly look like I will have a new employer (sooner than later please).

Aspen will start middle school in the fall whcih probably means a boyfriend isn't far around the corner.

And she is set to get braces come winter (I've got some picture frame wire so I might try to do that myself and save some money, we'll see).

Anyway, don't expect The Nut to be as regular or 'showboaty' as it was in it's heyday. This is a maturer and mellower Nut.

Maybe even wiser, we'll see.