Okay, I know I'm gonna offend some people here.
Bug, it aint personal! You're a beautiful human being and represent all that is right with organized relgion... but you're in the minority.
I have for years and years been dismayed and confounded by those who look at a child being pulled out of the rubble after 6 days of being buried in an earthquake as a sign of the 'grace of god'.
I am a logical person and refuse to accept what I am told as 'fact' simply because I was told it. I have to... HAVE TO... analyze, critique, ponder, weigh and disect anything before 'accepting' it into my belief system.
And as I have tried to teach Aspen, it is importnat to be able to defend your belief system to others rather than just saying "Because that's how I was raised."
And I am bamboozled by otherwise logical, thoughtful and intelligent people who refuse to use reason in their thought processes when it comes to faith. All of a sudden the rules of reason do not apply and blind acceptance are the rule for many.
So when a person sees that saved child rising from the concrete dust and they praise god and claim the event to be evidence of god, I need someone... ANYONE... to explain to me how that same logic and reason behind those same people neglect to blame god for all the suffering and death in the first place.
"Hi, god here... I'm about to kill off thousands of my creations with the wave of my hand yet, there will be a little girl who will only be partially crushed. After 6 days she will be saved and even though she will lose her legs I will be praised as having been behind her survival and repsonsible for her prolonged life rather than blamed for her being forever constrained to a rusty wheelchair and a life of agonizong turmoil and pain in the first place. Everyone praise my name!"
Why do we see 'miracles' as indisputable evidence of god yet refuse to see clear tragedies as the proof of a lack of god?
Somebody explain that... ONE logical person please!