It has been a hectic couple of days. Turns out the driving 1605 miles was the relaxing calm part.
Since I have taken up residency as a Coloradan once again there has been a lot to do.
Let's go over a quick list (in no particular order):
1- Got the dog vaccinated
2- Got the dog groomed
3- Bought a new mattress set & had it delivered
4- Set up an account at a local credit union
5- Finalized Aspen's registration at her school
6- Made multiple trips to the grocery store and Walmart for food and school essentials
7- Convinced the apartment mgmt that the new pad needed new carpet (being installed Friday)
8- Turned in the U-haul trailer
9- Unpacked and got situated the items that arrived in tow with me
10- Soaked in the hot tub while soaking in an unobstructed view of the most famous mtn in the U.S.
11- Went to REI and bought a book on the mtn biking trails in the Colorado Springs area (I expect some good laughs in the comments regarding the potential of this topic)
12- Got Aspen signed up for cross-country and choir (both at her suggestion)
13- Got Dish Network set up (yeah! NFL ticket!)
14- Got the phone changed over to a local number
Tomorrow is Aspen's first day of school. Her school is about a 3rd the size of her previous one. Her teacher seems outstanding! Her classmates gave her a warm welcome when she was introduced to the class the other day. Aspen has gone from nervous to excited as we spent quite a bit of time just hanging around the library and the school over the last 2 days. What's more, tomorrow is picture day.
Now I gotta work getting her hair done nicely. We'll see.
For now... I'm off to the hot tub!