Day 8: After getting the Jeep back the day before from being being inspected and fixed up to make the cross country trip, she broke down on me Thursday night on the highway. Clanking, smoking, general signs of dissaray from under the hood. I immediately pulled over and popped the hood. A broken serpentine belt! In a Jeep that usually means a busted water pump too. Towing to my service station ran $95. To fix the belt, the water pump and a faulty tension pully (the source of the problem) ran $500.
Day 7: Non-stop packing and organizing. Last day of work. A sending off party of sorts was thrown for me. Sold off the remaining goods I had around the workplace to the suckers who still dwell there for money day in and day out. In the evening a close co-worker stopped by to hang out for a few hours. I found out too late that Smashing Pumpkins are in town. How did I not see this anywhere?! Miguel hadn't either. The show sold out shortly before we decided to try and go. Oh well. Jeep still not ready for pick up.
Day 6: And Aspen returns!! Or at least, someone who looks like her. She grew an inch at least! She looks like more and more like a woman these days. Won't be long until I'll be scowling at every male who looks her way when we are out and about. "You can look the other way punk or do I need to help you?!"Her co-founding girlscout troop members took her out to tea and scones only 30 minutes after she got here. After that, her best friend came to pick her up to stay over for the night. I can't believe she isn't even going to stay one night at home first. The Jeep is supposed to be ready shortly. Ed is taking me to pick it up. Then, more packing.