Yesterday, Sunday, I packed. Then I packed more. Then I wondered how I had accumulated so much crap over the years. Then I packed some of that crap. Then I wondered if all my crap would fit in this one 8x8x16 POD.
I have come to two conclusions: 1- Yes, I think all the crap will fit in the POD. And 2- I have too much crap.
Before all the packing of the crap began I picked up Aspen at her friend's place and dropped her off at her step-father's place. So I got to spend some quality minutes in the car with her at least.
David dropped her back off around bedtime.
And that was day 5.
Today was a bit more hectic. Her grandfather came down at 8:15 in the AM to pick her up for the day. She was still asleep when he got here. So I was jipped out of more time with her.
Then I packed and dismantled more crap for 3 hours. Then I took a break and went to see Tropic Thunder (I recommend it). Then I went into work to finish up some loose ends. Then I picked up Aspen and came home. Finally I took the bike rack off the Jeep. I will transport that in the POD and get better mileage and a quieter ride on the way without it.
Keep an eye on Hurricane Fay. Her rains might be playing havoc with my packing the POD on Wed & Thur or at least with the first half of the day while driving on Friday.