And it's crunch time. Now the real stress begins to take hold.
The P.O.D. came today. Pretty damn small on the inside. Maria takes up alot of that space! Just like a woman, always taking up all the space for herself!
At this point I have no idea if the thing is big enough. If it all fits it will be tight. If it doesn't there may be one box of crap leftover... there may be 20. If that's the case then a whole new problem presents itself. Do I get another 1/2 size P.O.D.? Do I rent a tow behind U-Haul trailer? If so, how many days does that set me back on leaving? I was toying with the idea of leaving Thursday night rather than the long planned Friday morning cast off. I have blogger peeps wanting to meet me along the way who need to make arrangements. I have no idea what to tell them.
I am not likely to get alot of sleep tonight. I can see myself tossing and turning all night trying to fit all the furninture and boxes of crap together in a tight space like a life size Tetris game. I will know alot more come Wednesday at noon. That's when about half the crap should be loaded in.
Today, Aspen hung out with her best friend. The P.O.D. came at 9am. I spent a couple of hours loading it loosely just to save some time tomorrow. Then someone came down to buy the wrought iron chairs I listed on Craig's list.
Come 3:30 I picked Aspen up and we went to her meet-the-teacher event at her 'old' school so she could say goodbye to everyone. Then Miguel came down to have dinner with us and Ed. Now I am mentally fatigued. I need to get some sleep. Tomorrow is going to be the stressful day.
To those who want to meet up on my voyage. I hope it will work out. I dont mean to be wishy washy. I just need 14 more hours to see if I need more space.