Only recently having gotten back most of the range in my shoulder, elbow and wrist from being stoopid on a mtn bike, today was the first day of 'packing' (BTW: later this afternoon will be the first time I get back on a trail again too. How funny would it be on a scale of 1-3 that I re-injure my arm so as to inhibit me from being able to pack?!)
This morning, before it got to be 95 degrees with a mugginess index of 'fuck me!', I went to the garage to start an inventory of what, if anything, could be thrown away or given to someone who wants junk. I found a couple of unused large plastic tubs (the kind you see in target for $7), dusted them off, brought them in and began packing books and cd's. Now I'm off to by more of said tubs to keep the pace going (I know they're more costly than cardboard boxes but damn if they're not a million times easier to work with and carry).
My last day of work is the 15th. I pull up anchor and cast off on the 22nd (Even though there is no lake within infinity of where I will be living, I think I'll hang on to the boating metaphors if you scalawags don't mind).
I have informed most of the kinfolk hereabouts of the pending venture. Told Miguel Friday night. He knew it was coming at some point so there was only a mild reaction from him that it was happening when it was (BTW: Once the move is complete you will see the name Sean popping up frequently. Like a brother, he and I have known each other, worked with each other and worked for each other for 25 years).
Anyhoo, the next few weeks are going to see The Nut serve as a journal for the move.
Enjoy and learn with me about what not to do when preparing for a new chapter of your life.