I DID go biking yesterday (maybe for the last time in NC and with Miguel). I did NOT rehurt my arm (sorry Tiff) and I was in much better cardio shape than I thought I would be. Let that be a testament to the workout value of jumping rope (jump roping?)!
After the ride I checked out the truck rental place. I was wondering if I would be able to get by with the 17' van but I definately need the 24'er. At least that mystery is put to rest.
Talked to the doctor's office about getting mine and Aspen's records. Did the same with her school but they only release that to other schools.
What if I was going to home school her? What then huh?!
Applied for an apartment in the best school district in town. Should hear back from them in 72 hours.
And that's all that was done today.
Aside from work... I pretty much checked outta there already. Run.ouy.the.clock.situation.