Yesterday: Not alot was accomplished move wise. Continued to be in touch with the apartment complex in Colorado. Began to consider a different apartment (same complex) with a better view. Thing is: It won't be ready for 2 weeks till after I get there. Don' t know if there is an easy solution to storing all our stuff somewheres till the new place is ready.
Also spent the evening using up the rest of those 18 gallon plastic tubs (that's each tub is 18 gallons; not 18 one gallon tubs) with the packing.
Finally, thanks to Craig's List, I sold my washer & dryer, one of the kayaks, and my microwave.

Today: On Craig's List, I list my Black Crowes tix and Indigo Girls tix for sale (seeing that we won't be here when they come around), as well as a few other items I don't want to lug off to God's Country.
I buy 10 more of those plastic tubs and continue the packing (which I am way ahead of schedule on seeing that I will have a full week with nothing to do after I quit work and before we set sail).
I stop by the utilities offices and post office to cancel my accounts and pick up the change of address forms.
And this morning (not related to the move) I have my blood work done to see how my cholesterol and triglyceride levels have changed since my diet.
While there, I shall fill out the forms to get copies of our complete records to take with us.
Then I stop by our dentist and get those records.
Finally, I stop by Aspen's step-dad's. He was pretty distraught when I told him about our move and has talked about cancelling his birthday party which was to be held on the day before Aspen flies out. I shall write him a letter of thanks for all he has done for her over the years.