As stipulated by the new complex, I have to have renter's insurance along with a 100K liability policy before moving in (liability for what exactly I'm not too sure... if I burn the place down my insurance pays for it?).
Got that done today and management will have the proof sitting in their fax when they come in Monday morning.
Got some more packing done. I'm beginning to have my doubts if the 16' P.O.D. I'm renting will be big enough. May have to end up renting a U-Haul trailer to tow with the Jeep at the last minute.
Work is winding down. Starting to pass off alot of my regular paperwork to the other guys as I won't be around to see it all through to completion.
Aspen comes back Friday, my last day. Should have plenty of time to get packed up at that point.
Ed and I are spending some time together tomorrow. Gonna see Pineapple Express then go kayaking. Gonna try to take a complete day off from the move and just relax. This shit is stressful. And it will only get worse after the move and the UNpacking begins.