I forgot to mention on the '16 DAYS' post that I took the jeep (Black Jack) in for a thorough inspection to make sure she was ready for a cross country jaunt.
She needs new front rotors, new plugs and cables, oil change and a fuel system cleaning. That translates to $379. Not bad. Could be alot worse!
Today I scheduled the dates with P.O.D.S. for the drop-off and pick-up. I am not mentioning to management that there will be a huge storage container in my parking spot for 3 days. They are pretty strict about those things (which as a resident I am thankful for... keeps all the dregs in line). Once it's here they won't really be able to do anything. They already gave a glowing reference to the new complex.
I'm gonna be at the new place for 4 days before my stuff gets there. Those are gonna be some fun hours for sure. At least Sean's son will be available on that Saturday to help lug the washer & dryer & couch & dressers & mattresses up to the 3rd floor when the van finally arrives.
I was psyched to learn I have a storage area. That means I wouldn't have to store the mtn bike in my place all the way up on the 3rd floor... until it was revealed the storage place is on the 3rd floor. Oh well, at least it's not in the apartment.
I wonder, are there any readers/fans/foes of The Nut who live in close proximity to my route (I-24) near Louisville and/or (I-70) near Kansas City that would be honored/disgruntled to host a not-so-famous blogger for a Friday or Saturday night?
Speak up! If I find out after the fact that you're out there and you didn't say something...
I'm blocking your IP!