Packing, packing and more packing was the name of the game today. I know I'm way ahead of the game at this. I will have 5 days of next to nothing to do after my last day of work on Friday (boy howdy it sounds good to say that! {I know I typed it there but I dictate to myself when I post... keeps me company, so technically I said it too}) to get all the little things done, but I can't sit around on a day off and not use the time wisely as days get smaller in number.

Were up to 46 of those plastic tubs now. See how each one has been meticulously stacked in an out of the way corner after having been thoroughly circumambulated (howd I do there Sis?) in shrink wrap to ensure safe passage? In accordance with that demonstrated anal retentiveness, each box has also been labeled in sharpie in the upper right corner with a room name and a general description of the contents. Furthermore, a rating of 1-4 has been written on each so as to indicate it's weight and whether it should be toward the top of a stack (the lighter ones - Aspen's Webkinz collection) or at the bottom (the heavier ones - my gold).
Moving on... today began my start of registering Aspen in her new school district. I have the immunization records, county issued birth certificate and court papers giving me full custody. All of which will be needed. Still need to get the proof of residency from the apartments.
The pictures show just how far the packing is coming (looks like Q-Berts ecosystem right?! Anyone? Anyone? Who's a product of the early 80's video games?).
And a pic by Sean of the next complex we shall be calling home.
On a lighter note, I did take some time to myself today as Ed and I went to see Pineapple Express. Very good movie! Seth Rogan with a big budget is kinda bizarre. Him and Kevin Smith need to team up on a project.