What a frickin day!
Ed came over at 9am with his buddy. We packed that damn P.O.D. until 3:30pm. Spirits were high in the beginning then the heat and humidity set in. We got everything in there except the mattresses and boxsprings along with a few boxes, a chair and all our clothes.
So I headed over to the U-Haul and rented a 5x5x8 trailer. There is more than enough room in that for whats left. I stressed big time last night because I was sure after doing the math again and again that even that was not going to be enough and I was going to have to leave some serious stuff behind. Fortunately that wasn't the case.
I will leave tomorrow after the P.O.D. is picked up and I drop mom and Aspen off at the airport. I will take four casual days to get there. First night I will bed down in Cookesville, TN. The next day I get to St. Louis early and will hang out with Kalani for a spell (Femi, I don't know how to get a hold of you. If you're reading this and want to meet up sometime Friday night let me know!). The next day I have a short jaunt to KC where I will stay with Pablo, a friend of mine and Miguel's from the Peace Corps. Sunday will be a helluva long drive to Colorado Springs.

Enjoy the pics. I'm exhausted. Even though my minions did most of the work.