COUNTDOWN TO MOVE: 9 DAYS ('cause i can't count)

Seems I have trouble counting how many days till I move if the number of days is more than the fingers I have (10 last time I counted with the assistance of an abacus). So it is actually 9 days left. I am able to deduce that now that we got below 11. I didn't post yesterday because I spent the day double and triple checking my numbers just to be sure.
Anyhoo... still working on getting everything with Aspen's new school settled. We should know for sure Monday if she was able to get into our first choice school. According to administrators there are plenty of 4th grade spaces left. So it shouldn't be an issue.
Got a date/time set up with the satellite dish network at the new place for the day after I get out there.
Tomorrow the washer/dryer are being picked up as well as the blue kayak... sniff. The yellow kayak as well as the kayak rack is being dropped off to their new owner on Thursday.
Miguel and I took the kayaks out this evening for the last time. Damn shame.
We go biking for the last time on Saturday. I will be going back to the trail that fucked me up good 3 months ago. It's going to be soooo sorry!!
Two days left of work! The boss' granddaughter is taking over my spot. She's been gone for a week. She has yet to be informed that she will have a 6 day work week now that things are being changed up due to my departure. I wish I could be there tomorrow to see her face when she gets the news. And she's gotta work late on Fridays! Ha!