Yesterday was about as stressful as a day without death, fire or severe hemorrhoids can get. Just when an answer looked like it had presented itself as to how I could secure the aforementioned apartment with a better view that wasn't available for 2 weeks after we arrived, a larger problem presented itself.
Seems my credit was not adequate to allow me into the community, period (that's a story about my ex and her selfishness best left to another day).
Everything came to a grinding halt. Was this going to be an unfixable problem no matter where I sought residence?
Fortunately no.
Today, my application was accepted at an even swankier dig (according to friend Sean who has been helping scout out potential places).
All parts fit: close to Aspen's grandmother, still in the best school district in the city, available at the right time, for the right price, they accept pets and have garages available.
Granted, the location is not as close to a park as the previous pad but it will do.
Yesterday the decision was made to go with P.O.D.S. as my moving service rather than Budget who I was scheduled to use.
If you add in gas, they were essentially the same price yet I don't have to drive a 24' semi for 3 days. Not bad. And with P.O.D.S. I have a month to unpack rather than 1 day.
Did a bit more of the breaking down and packing of stuff yesterday too. House is starting to look emptyish.
Finally, the computer got a serious virus and I gotta up and reformat the whole thing.
Fucking cyber pricks! I'll kill them all!