Every post you have ever read here at The Nut was typed up in this very room (thus I can legitimately say "Here's where the magic happens").
I have resided at this same residence for six years... me... a bachelor... anyone want to clean under the couch or behind the fridge?
I have had the same job for eight years to the month.
I have resided in the greater Charlotte area for ten years to the month.
Yesterday, all that changed... or began to change anyway.
The move to Colorado Springs has been expedited (spell check there please Sissy).
I mean super expedited. Day of departure is in 3 weeks.
That's alot of shit to take care of in that time. From lining up a new place to securing C.O.B.R.A.
From getting Aspen registered at a new school (the international school blocks from where we live has a 4th grade opening!) to selling off a bunch of crap (including VIP tix to Indigo Girls and Black Crowes! sniff).
Oh yeah, and finding a new job. Almost forgot that part.
The decision was made just over 24 hours ago.
I gave my 2 weeks notice yesterday (I'm too nice! With the shit I have put up with I was more than justified to give 5 minutes notice. And I still would have gotten a recommendation from the owner who likes me).
The rest of the team was bummed, knowing full well that I am the rock of the group and that the B.S. will only get worse and less bearable with me gone.
I warned the boss that the store needs to not replace me for the sake of the team and let them absorb my duties. Unfortunately, he ignored my advice and made the immediate decision to move up a shady character from warehouse. A terrible decision that will come back on him exponentially (think I'm going to stay in email and text contact with the others for a play by play analysis of how things disintegrate in my absence? Hell yeah!)
Yesterday also consisted of me talking to Aspen's mother (who is bringing Aspen back in 2 weeks from Phoenix). Always the poster child for reason and sound judgement, my ex tried to suggest that it would be an easier transition period for Aspen if she went to school this next year in Phoenix while I get settled in Colorado. Then Aspen can move to Colorado Springs the next year and go to school there.
Please, if anyone... anyone sees the logic in her philosophy of a child having an easier transition by going to 3 different schools in 3 different states in 3 years (being uprooted twice within a year) rather than just doing one move and only changing schools once I beg for you to say something and point out where her thinking is right and mine is wrong.
Yesterday also consisted of working down the price on a moving van, telling Aspen's family out here of the plans (including her brother), making a time line and checklist and basically not sleeping a wink after the decision was made.
Aspen will be told today.
The hardest times in my life were changing schools. I did not integrate well. I wish I could have worked the timing so Aspen was present for the first day of school. Alas, she will end up missing the 1st week. I'm not a praying man but I will try any tactic in an effort to make this as easy as possible for her.
That includes taking on the responsibility of her dog 'Faith' who has always resided at her step-father's. Months ago when I told her there would be a move to Colorado at some point, she said that would be fine as long as we took Faith.
Well, there it is. The biggest news to be announced here at The Nut in Quite.Some.Time.