1- Still haven't found the perfect name for the cycle yet. Keep throwing those names out there please. Remember: There's a prize involved.
2- Are you serious? Glen Beck is going to have a stand up special broadcast like a live concert in select movie theatres across the nation? Are you serious? How big is this guy's ego? I don't keep this joker's endless sarcasm and ignorant ideology (a surefire way to keep school shootings from happening is to arm the teachers!?!?) on the t.v. for 5 seconds when his mindless ramblings are for free. And now someone thinks I will pay to listen to his dribble?! Are you serious?!
3- Don't know what Jessie Jackson said about Barack... don't care. Has anyone taken the good reverend seriously since he read Green Eggs and Ham live on SNL years ago? You couldn't swing a dead cat without hitting someone who's life is more meaningful than his. Can we move on already?
4- This is soooo unlike me but... Hellboy II looks pretty cool... yeah, The Dark Night too. I know, I'm a dweeb... but Kalani would still do me.
5- A few of you have asked about the impending move. Looks like it will happen but probably not till next summer. Trying to live on the lake as much as possible until then.
6- Shoulder, elbow, wrist and ribs are getting back to normal. Still haven't gotten back on the mtn bike yet though. I know, I'm a scaredy cat... but Kalani would still do me.
7- Does anyone know when Sissy B's next due date is yet?
8- It's my bed time.